How to play Baccarat?

About Baccarat

Baccarat is a game of card gambling originating in France, but some historians deny the validity. Several countries – Spain, Italy – consider the origin of the game but the most common edition credits baccarat origin in the Italian living room. The game’s creator is Felix Falguere, who lived in medieval Sicily at the period.

From that moment on, the laws of baccarat stood intact, although they dealt with tarot cards rather than ordinary ones. In general, the name of the game evokes bourgeois gatherings, where noble citizens sat at elegant tables and played recklessly for riches by candlelight. There’s a mystery of the old game as well. It took as a base the etruscan custom of worship of the nine gods: a nine-sided stone was hurled and a virgin’s fate was determined. Whether the numbers eight or nine died out, the girl became a priestess; if six or seven, then rites were no longer permitted; if less than six, then she was cast into the sea. of course today the game has lost its fatefulness.

The game is swift and quick. A table is used for baccarat, to which special marks are added, as well as eight decks of 52 pieces of ordinary cards. The cards are dealt from a special unit called sabo to the dealer. American version of the game is the most popular in the world, so let’s consider the rules of playing baccarat in that format.

Game participants just need to position a bet and wait for the delivery results to be announced. Players do not need any more decisions, as clearly defined rules do it for the game. Up to three dealers and 14 players can collectively participate at the same table. Learn the game rules and make sure to sit down and try your hand at the table!

Baccarat goal

Baccarat is the ultimate target that can only be conceived. You have to decide which of the two is going to win: the match or the dealer. The bet is either put on a draw, or one of the players’ win.

Baccarat cards

The letter ‘t’ is not readable in the english name of baccarat ‘baccarat’ but this isn’t the game’s most fascinating reality. What is noteworthy is that the name translates as none or null. This is why all of the tens, jacks, queens and kings in baccarat are empty. Aces are priced at 1 point, and all other cards are measured at 2 to 9 points. Total value can be as high as 9. If the card’s worth reaches 9, this deduces 10 points. If you have cards with a value of 4 – 9 – 5 for example, then the sum of the hand would be 8 or 18 minus 10. Double 10s sum up to 0. If your number is eight or nine, then your hand is deemed normal.

Simple rules for playing baccarat

  • Starting with bets per day.
  • Player will play for himself, for a draw and for the banks – by putting chips in the necessary fields.
  • Individual is dealt 2 cards after the bets have been made.
  • Game’s essence is score of 9 points.
  • Value of the cards is set at face value.
  • The participant and the banker are dealt 2 cards, and if the participant has scored less than 5 points, he is dealt one more card.
  • In turn, one more card is also dealt to the banker, if he has fewer than 4 points.
  • Otherwise the third passport would not be given to the applicant and the banker.
  • Winner of the allocation is the one who has scored 9 points or more.
  • Bets are paid when the area on which the bet was put wins.

Hand match

In baccarat the first acts are often taken against the side of the player. Two cards are issued to the player, and are then turned by the dealer. If their cumulative number is between 0 and 5 so the third card will be dealt. If the total number of points ranges from 6 to 9, then the player will stand, that is, he will not obtain any additional cards. A hand weighing between 8 and 9 points is called natural. Doing it, the player scores and defeats every hand of the banker immediately. The only difference is the case where the hand of the banker is also 8 – 9 points. If the player receives 8 points and the banker receives 9, then the bet of the banker scores, and vice versa. The win rate of the casino is 1.24% when betting on a team, and the payoff ratio is 1: 1.

The side of a banker

The hand of the banker collects two cards, too. If the banker has 7, 8 or 9 cards, the third additional card will not be dealt any more. This only occurs, though, if the first two cards have a cumulative worth of 0 and 3, then if the banker has 3, and the match – 8. The banker will also score a limit of 4, 5 or 6, based on the player’s points. Luckily, you don’t have to memorize all these subtleties, since the dealer is responsible for your movements. You can use our mini guide, as an option.

What you need to do is download and print out the guide from our website when you have free time. The banker has some benefits over the player when he gets the second cards. Most analysts think the banker wins over 50% of the time. It has a smaller win percentage at casino (1.06%). Since the banker pays out the winnings in a ratio of 1:1, the bet on it still requires a 5% fee.

Simple baccarat strategy

The best way to play if you’re new to baccarat is games using smaller sets. It will not be economical for you to play with more cards. As part of your strategy on baccarat, you need to determine which bet style is better for you.

There are, as you know, three types of bets – the commonly popular bank (bet on the banker) and point (bet on the player), as well as a rarer bet on a draw.

Banko is the most lucrative gamble of these bets, since in this situation the casino’s winnings would be smaller than the other two. Practically betting on a draw may be called a tabou, as in this situation the edge of the house is nearly 15%. Do not listen to someone if they tell you that someone has built a plan to win baccarat. They wouldn’t be asking you if they did! This is a game where luck’s position is incredibly critical and if you play with that in mind, you can do the right thing.

There are a few more tricks to try to turn the tables in your favour. Those little moments, if played correctly in games like baccarat, will turn a defeat into a victory. The most critical area where a plan can be practiced in every gambling game is money management. This refers to baccarat, too. When playing baccarat there are two important things to keep in mind.

Second, prior to playing decide the upper limit of your baccarat allowance. Until you hit this amount, you need to complete the game. Scatter your money so that your winnings don’t get associated with the original number.

By following this formula, you’ll be able to leave the table as soon as you lose the initial number, and continue with your winnings. The match is often accompanied by several players as they advance from one round to another. For eg, if the banker wins a round, there’s a strong possibility that the next round will have other players betting on the banker. This is a more or less effective way to construct a model and it also gives you the feeling of getting an understanding of the next map.


Game – this bet on winnings for the team. If the participant wins the banker takes all the bets made on the bank and the draw and refunds the bets put on the participant in a ratio of 1:1.

Tie – a bet on a draw, that is, a bet on even points for the banker and the player. If the player wins, the croupier will take all the bets made on the contestant and on the bank, and pay out the bets made on a draw.

Ratio 8: 1 banker – this bet is for the bank to win. If the participant wins, the croupier will take all bets made on the participant and on a draw, and will pay for the bets put on the bank. The figure for this is 1: 1. The peculiarity of this bet is that as a result of the winner, a fee of up to 5% is paid against the casino according to the rules of the baccarat game. 18 you must deduct 10, with the result that the player received 8 points.

Variations of baccarat

Baccarat variations are numerous:

  • Macau is the hardest variant, featuring two 52-card decks and a limited number of players who have the ability to buy and swap cards separately, while losing points. Cards are dealt one at a time in this game.
  • Punto Banco – another baccarat variant in which the player and the banker will play the third card if they have fewer than 6 points in their hands.
  • Mini baccarat – is a mini-version of the game. It is played around a table and can handle only 7 players instead of 8. America enjoys this game variety, which is played widely throughout the world. Mini baccarat is played with only one croupier instead of the normal three croupiers needed in the bigger version of the game. He serves as a distributor and lender. The most enticing thing of mini baccarat is its low bets. That’s the reason why this game is favoured by most small time gamblers. The mini baccarat table, unlike the other variants of the game, is not roped off in casinos. As with other casino games it is played in the open.

Recognizing trends

Many players wrongly think that the direction of the game in the previous rounds can help to decide the subsequent outcomes. Participants use scoreboards to keep track of how many hands team, banker, and draw have left. This method is generally referred to as pattern detection and casinos have no concerns.

Ordinary gambling establishments send their players flyers with markers, and online casinos have special windows that display the results of previous games. Gambling institutions acknowledge that, in no way can this activity impact the course of the game. Even this strategy cannot be considered successful, since prior outcomes are not connected to future results. If you are still involved in the methodology of pattern recognition then you can read its description below.

Scoreboards are also referred to in english as cube road, dice road, label road, bead plate road, and baby pig road. This applies to special boards where the record of the player’s, banker’s, and draw hands won in previous rounds is stored.

Players mark their cubes with paint. Cube represents a particular hand.

  • blue = player winning
  • red = banker winning
  • green = draw wins monitoring begins at the top-left edge of the board and runs to the very bottom

It then extends from the right edge to the very top.

Major Lane

The high road reveals the list of victories for the team and the banker. A draw is marked with a green line running through previous victories by the player and banker. The player’s pairs are labelled with a blue dot at the lower right corner, banker – in the upper left corner with a red dot. This image originates from the player’s winnings, labelled with a blue dot in the upper left corner. A red dot signals the banker’s win. Any time a player or banker’s winnings change a new column begins. The table contains 6 sides. If the game has more than 6 straight wins so the point countdown moves to the right, forming the tail of the so-called dragon. This is the key thing and everyone else is running away from it now.

A big-eyed boy

The boy with the big eye is a tricky, mathematical way of measuring how certain bets win. Red markers reflect repetitions in this system, the blue ones – random winners. Note red and blue have little to do with player or banker betting. After the first entry in the second column of the highway the boy with the big eye table begins with the hand entry. For the boy with the big eye entrance, as well as the two subsequent schemes, is focused on highway outcomes. It can appear complicated and frustrating to use this method. Just look at the new results of the highway, to be sure. After that, transfer one cell upwards to the left. If no changes were made in the move up, make the label in red, if the changes were blue.

Small Lane

Small road use is similar to boy with big eye. Unlike the previous version, this method requires one column to be skipped on the highway to the left of the pole. It begins with the hand after the first line. The start is taken up in the highway’s third section. Red circles mean that the first and third columns to the left of the highway’s current column are the same in width, and blue circles suggest they are distinct. The direction along which you pass down the little road (remembering the last entry to the main road), involves going two cells up and down to the left. If the move did not affect any improvement, mark with a red dot, blue – if it did. The third road is the cockroach cockroach pig, which passes two columns to the left of the great road pole.

Otherwise, the device operates on the little road concept. She joins the fourth column of the highway after first entry. You will match the first and fourth columns on the left hand side of the current highway column here. Again we reiterate that the red circle means the same width, and the blue one means the gaps. Look at the last entrance of the highway and transfer three spaces to the left to mark this pic. Then step upwards. If no improvements have been made, then mark the red box if there is – in blue.


Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel you with a Roland from MyCasinoIndex. This is your February monthly reading for 2019 and I hope you’re having a great year so far moving forward. We’ve had the eclipses starts so there could be some changes Lots of things moving and changing in your lives, which is always exciting. I’d love to hear about it So, please comment below in the comment section below the videos I do recommend that you look at your Sun moon rising and Venus And if you don’t know what they are There is a free birth chart Calculator in the show more section below these videos and you can calculate your son moon rising and Venus signs and you can check those videos out because some months you’re going to relate more to one than the others or Sometimes all of them will have a general message in there for you.

So they’re always good to watch most of those aspects or videos I’m also looking for some new people for my international psychic team psychics astrologers Also language speakers if you speak Spanish Russian French Italian or Portuguese. Please reach out to me if you’re an up-and-coming psychic or medium or an astrologer and you do not have your own YouTube channel I will be looking at people who do not have their own YouTube channel and who would like to join mine so Please reach out to me. So it’s an exciting year moving forward. I’d also like to say that I am in Dallas, Texas For most of this period this season, so I’d like to say if you’d like to book me for an event your personal Hen’s night bachelorette party birthday party baby shower any sort of corporate event You’re most welcome to reach out to me and let’s see. I also do coffee cup parties as well So if you do have the Turkish or Arabic coffee cup on Hand and you do want to host a copy cup party. I’d be happy to join you with that as well So let’s move on to the signs everybody Don’t forget to subscribe share and like the video and comment below. Are we sure the best for February moving forward?

Lots of blessings. Take care Hi cancer cancer Sun Moon rising and Venus. Let’s have a look at your energies for February in happy Valentine’s Happy valentines. Happy February energy moving forward. Okay cancer I’m picking up an e sounding name for you like an aryl Erik Elena Still Esther e first your second name could be your name or somebody coming in around you who has a strong e in their name as An initial first or second name? Okay Something that will be significant to you Most of you will be able to place that so let’s have a look and see what’s going on with your energies cancer alright Okay, okay We’ve got the king of Rod somebody who is potentially a fire sign an Aries Leo of Sagittarius male coming in around you could be Somebody that you already know Or somebody coming in around your offering you something because we have got the knight of cups could definitely be an author So if you are male same-sex relationship Then you’re going to be probably the knight of cups, and you’ve got this Fire sign mail around you if you’re looking for a man Then this man could be coming in and offering you something fire sign very nice It’s always nice to have a bit a fire a bit of passion things moving forward there looks to be like some sort of celebration too, so there could be That you’re celebrating an anniversary an event.

You might be going to a wedding. You could be meeting somebody through girlfriends female friends females You might be celebrating something with your partner if you’re in a coupled relationship we’re celebrating an engagement that you’re getting engaged or Celebrating something new a birthday birthday party meeting somebody at a festive Celebratory occasion, so that’s nice your star is rising cancer. Looking good for relationships so far really nice Happy family homes relationship marriage new starts new beginning something new taking off. Wow. Oh my god. You’ve got the amazing Ace of Cups Looking at the Ace of Cups, we’ve really got this feeling of, you know, having your energy overflowing with happiness abundance success Feeling extremely.

Happy Wow, and also the world coming to fruition things coming to a head coming to full circle Like you might have been feeling like wow, you have been looking for something for a very long time Trying to grab hold of something, you know grabbing hold of this ace of rods grabbing hold of this idea grabbing hold of You know the energy feeling like you need to take My my feeling around this is that you need to take the bull by the horns or you need to take control of something So it could be that you’re taking back control of how you’re navigating your life how you’re navigating also your love life Okay Queen of cups As you cancer cancer Scorpio Pisces female if you’re looking for a female coming into your life as well or around you Okay, so let’s have a look and see what the world has there Okay, king of swords There could be some sort of frivolity with a man or a situation Around a man so it could be a lawyer or somebody Legal, but there could be something that is up in the air that hasn’t come to fruition But you’re thinking about you might have turned your back on Somebody and you’ve got this man who is still wanting you he’s still after you he still wants you He’s still thinking about you. He’s thinking about you Yeah Okay There’s a man at your back. He’s thinking about you He’s wanting you He might not have made himself super clear with you before but now I feel like he’s really making himself clear he’s really coming forward with some sort of gumption and energy and force in your in your Ear design design. Yeah designing. Mmm. Yeah in your design designing yourself around this person Okay Let me have a look at that knight of swords Look, there’s somebody trying to reach out to you that you’ve let go of so somebody from the past is trying to reach out They’re trying to come back in they could be an air sign Gemini Libra Aquarius So I feel like you’ve walked away from something and and somebody is trying to reach out to you They’re trying to get back with you But you might be already off and running in a new direction because the ace of the ace of rods it’s like you’re super happy, you know with the Ace of Cups and you’re not expecting to be this happy, but you will be Okay, there’s unexpected happiness here so you’re often running in a new direction you feel like something has completed with the world and This situation with this man here might have been completed all this energy completed It could be an if you are a male it could be symbolic of you or it could be If you have had a man in your life that this energy is completed you’ve walked away from it you feel like you’ve walked away from something that also has had some value to you has been important to you, but There’s been a reason why you’ve walked away from it, okay King of Pentacles, so there’s another man coming in here if you are dating and you’re a female you’ve got lots of men Offering you something or coming back into your life exes new people choices options king of Pentacles So this man is sort of presenting himself But he could come with a lot of baggage is what I’m picking up through these cards.

He’s got the tower underneath him He’s coming up with a lot of baggage He might not be exactly what you want He could also have gone bankrupt before or had some issues with money and you don’t want any Any sort of baggage to carry forward into your life. Okay, I Want to see what is this? King of swords about okay. What’s this king of swords about?

What’s this? Okay Let me try to clarify one of these that really needs to be Clara fired What is the happiness about let’s have a look at the happiness the Ace of Cups? What is the happiness about?

What do we need to know about the angle of this happiness? And the result or the reason for this happiness coming moving forward Mmm Control power could be a Capricorn somebody with Capricorn rising or moon Ace of Pentacles. It could be a lump sum of money coming in.

It could be about you taking back control of your life or Working something. It could be you working magic to get money. It could be you Fighting for what you want and what is rightfully yours. It could be a dividend to pay payout.

It could also be Something that you just go for it could even be a gamble. Okay, so some of you might have a gambling problem But you might gamble and actually get something back you might get some big lump sum of money coming in through a ticket through a type of gambling or Games of chance or games of luck so it could be the lottery Could be gambling could be Gambling on something big. Okay, it could be something that is going to be my the word I’m getting is throwing caution to the wind so It might be that you feel like you’ve only got five dollars left and you just gamble the whole thing. Okay, so That could turn around for you. I’m not saying suggesting to do that.

But that’s what I’m getting through the cards It’s like, okay Well, what the hell I’m just going to gamble this because I really don’t I don’t have much left anyway, so what why not, you know, it’s almost like It’s almost like the feeling of giving up. Hope completely and then such a windfall coming in so it could come in through the design of a man or a partnership or a Work situation a win of some description could be a work situation could even be that you’ve given up totally on your work opportunities or work situations or Applying for jobs if you are unemployed and then suddenly, you know you think okay What the hell I’m going to go for that even though I’m not qualified and it could actually get you the big win Because the ace of Pentacles has a beautiful archway looking through the doors of the archway looking out It’s almost like you’re looking out to see it could even be that you win a trip as well I feel like some of you might even get offered a trip to go to the beach or the sea somewhere What else do we need to know for cancer cancer Sun Moon rising and Venus what else to in each no for cancer? Looking golf cancer, I don’t know what it is, but it’s looking good. Okay. There’s a new love coming in That’s what’s shaking up the energy you could be the blonde female somebody who dyes her hair a different color blonde or naturally blonde or red hair or wears a wig Soulmate connection and also fair male somebody coming in who is Farish for their cultural background? He could have light eyes light skin or light hair if he is Caucasian if he is African He’s going to be lighter than darker.

If he is East Indian. He’s going to be wheaty She’s going to be lighter than darker if his self American he’s going to be lighter than darker mixed This man is like soulmate potential. He’s He’s got his eye on you Okay, he’s got his eye on you if you are Same-sex relationship female then. It’s a girl who looks like a guy she’s a tomboy She’s got her eye on you on you Okay It’s a new love new loves to somebody you’ve never met before you’re going to meet them for a dating dating situation You’re going to be dating and meeting people being offered to go out with somebody It could be something that happens around a full moon. We’ve just had a new moon.

It’s still I’m recording these videos in January So it could even happen by the full moon in in January moving forward and that’s another eclipse So Wow cancer, you’ve got really really good cards for relationship. You’ve got a situation here of focusing on Focusing on the prize Yeah, focusing on the prize Keeping your eye on the prize there’s a lot of Distractions here from the past that are going to come back in around you or somebody that you’ve let go of is going to try to resurface But you are going to focus on the prize and you are going to get the prize you’re going to get the happy family homes The money then your ideas the girlfriends a celebration. You’ve got the king of Pentacles that’s money there Okay You’ve got offers and choices. So make the right decision cancer. That’s all I can say and you’re going to be lucky lucky Lots of love and blessings.

Ciao for now. Take care

Unibet Sportsbook downgraded, SBR iGaming


Downgrading of Unibet Sportsbook, BetRevolution news and more. Hi, this is Natalie Rydstrom with this week’s SBR iGaming News update, reporting for Sportsbook. SBR reported in November 2013 that Unibet Sportsbook confiscated a player’s balance which held over 200 euros. Unibet cited part of their terms and conditions which allow the sportsbook to essentially do whatever it wants – at the expense of player balances of course. Unibet has not reversed their position or shared details of the player’s violation. SBR has downgraded Unibet Sportsbook to the rating of C- for their failure to address the balance confiscation.

The following is an excerpt from Account Rules section 2.3: “Unibet reserves the right, at its own discretion, at all times, to: Decline to open a Unibet Account and/or to close an existing Unibet Account, without any explanation whatsoever; Forfeit and/or confiscate funds available on a Unibet Account and/or refuse to honour a claim, in the event that, directly or indirectly, the Unibet Rules have been violated and/or other unauthorised activities have occurred in connection with a betting event and/or the operation of a Unibet Account”

Unibet Sportsbook players in need of assistance are asked to write to SBR. SBR reported earlier in the year that BetRevolution Sportsbook seized nearly 27,000 dollars from three winning customers. BetRevolution has been unwilling to revisit the dispute ever since and maintains their position that the players were guilty of syndicate wagering. BetRevolution is also unwilling to discuss player disputes in general and remains on the SBR blacklist. SBR made the case public on in April 2013.

When SBR contacted BetRevolution to discuss the situation, BetRevolution provided links of the users Facebook profiles. This was to highlight nothing more than showing they were tagged as friends — a preposterous fishing expedition if nothing else. BetRevolution accepted wagers from them for months. They argued that the players had several identical wagers and that this was a conspiracy rather than buddies sharing picks.

A sportsbook accepting wagers it has no intention of paying is referred to as a freeroll. This is a tactic used by many scam sportsbooks. The players were able to lose their nearly 27 thousand but being paid was not a possibility. And finally, If you’re looking to bet on the upcoming 2014 World Cup, Sportsbook Review has a page listing the best available betting futures for the outright tournament result as well as odds on the winner of each group.

The page updates in real-time and shows the prices side by side at the best available bookies. The World Cup is sure to be ripe with betting opportunities so do make sure to check out the World Cup Betting Futures page.

That’s all for today. Be sure to tune in for next week’s show. I’ve been your host, Natalie Rydstrom, reporting for Sportsbook.

Casinos Real Estate


We been uncovering in British Columbia over the last couple of weeks. Global’s reporting last fall estimates as much as $5 billion has been laundered through Vancouver’s real estate market since 2012. This dirty cash is distorting housing prices, and it’s playing a large role in the housing crisis gripping our province today. Add this to the allegations of money laundering in our casinos, and this is painting an ugly picture.

According to these reports, over a billion dollars worth of Vancouver property transactions in 2016 alone had links to Chinese organized crime. Hidden ownership of B.C. real estate makes money laundering harder to find and prosecute. Ending the use of the bare trust loophole is one policy that my colleague from Oak Bay–Gordon Head has been calling on government to act on for years in this Legislature. The Attorney General, himself, has flagged this as an issue that masks the source of money in real estate transactions. My question is to the Minister of Finance: how is this government continuing to allow the laundering of billions of dollars through our real estate sector?

Mr. Speaker: Attorney General D. Eby: Thank you, Mr. Speaker, and thank you to the member for the question. He will know that you find a lot more when you have your eyes open than when you have your eyes closed. So when we asked Dr. German to have a look at what was happening in the casinos and he came back and he said, “Wow, you know the overwhelming majority of people bringing bulk cash into casinos list their occupations as being real estate-related.

Maybe we should have a look at whether this money is making its way into the real estate market as well,” we sent him off to do that work. Simultaneously, the Minister of Finance assembled a team of experts on the issue of money laundering and real estate to identify measures we could take right away. She’s got a white paper out on beneficial ownership to move forward with legislation to establish a beneficial ownership registry so we actually know who owns the real estate.

Transparency International play casino games at Canada online casinos — when they looked at 100 of the most valuable properties in Vancouver, for almost half, they couldn’t figure out who owned them, because they were owned by offshore trusts, numbered companies, students, if you could imagine — the most expensive residential real estate in Vancouver. That’s why we’re taking this really seriously. That’s why we’re taking steps even in advance of the reports being brought in, because we know we have gaps in the system. We have our eyes open on this, and we’re taking action.

Mr. Speaker: Saanich North and the Islands on a supplemental. A. Olsen: Eyes wide open. Last year, the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada, FINTRAC — I talked about it last week — released the results of 130 examinations done between 2015 and 2017 in the real estate sector in British Columbia. They found that there were significant or very significant deficiencies in the anti-money-laundering controls at roughly 88 percent of the real estate entities that they examined. Few controls in the real estate sector and little enforcement.

Rampant money laundering left unchecked by the former B.C. Liberal government helped fuel the housing crisis that is the cause of the deepening sadness in this province. The reports commissioned by this government, due next week, will no doubt daylight more issues, but what is needed is immediate, concrete action to stem the tide of dirty cash polluting our real estate market. We cannot afford to wait, so my question again is to the Minister of Finance: what is the ministry going to do to further act on these issues that continue to come to light? Mr. Speaker: Minister of Finance. C. James: Thank you to the member for the question.

I think all of us, when we see the housing crisis and know the kinds of loopholes that were completely ignored in this province, know that we need to get on with the action, and we’ve begun already. I’m very proud to announce that, in fact, today we started Canada’s first registry around condo flipping and strata flipping, again, to gather information. This will be a first across the country, and as the Attorney has said, it’s critical to shine a light on the behavior that’s going on.

That’s the first step. Then further action will be taken. We will be looking at the beneficial trust. We will, in fact, be putting together a registry, publicly searchable, that will disclose who’s behind corporations, who’s behind partnerships, to ensure that there’s that transparency there. We’re already starting to see that having some action in the Lower Mainland, in particular, when we look at housing prices. But we know much more needs to be done. News here!

Pet Battling for Beginners – Ultimate Newbie Guide to Battle Pets

online games

Horde players can see Varzok up here by the Zeppelin towers in Orgrimmar. You can also learn a few basic pets at these NPCs, which you should do if you don’t have those yet. Next, let’s take a tour through the Pet Journal.

The default keybind is Shift-P to open your Collections window, and then click the Pet Journal tab down here. You may have some pets already in this list games. By right-clicking your pet here on the left, you can summon it to have it follow you around in-game. If you really like a particular pet and want to do that more often, you can drag that icon to a bar to summon it more easily. You can also rename it to give it a nickname, which has fewer rules than player names.

You can include spaces Other players will see your pet names when you battle them or if they see your pet out in the world. If the pet is cageable, you could cage it to take it out of your journal and turn into an item in your bags that can be traded or sold.

A caged pet keeps it’s level. You can purchase many caged pets from the Auction House to add to your collection- but keep in mind that if the new pet’s level is higher than any pets you have already, you can’t learn it. You have to level one yourself first.

Also, Not all pets are cageable- wild pets and pets from achievements usually are not but most vendor and drop pets will be. Most of themn. Pick any pet from your list and drag it to your first active slot here on the right. With the pet selected, you’ll get more info about it here on the top right. Over here we’ve got the pet’s health total, attack stat, speed stat and quality.

If you’ve played a Pokemon game before, there are a lot of similarities. Also, a lot of slots placed on the site are styled like a Pokemon theme. And they can be used as additional entartainment for Pokemon lovers. The quality of the Pokemon game is either going to be Rare, also known as blue, and then everything else which isn’t good enough. Rare is the highest quality pet that players can get. NPCs sometimes fight with epic or legendary pets but they’re cheating. You’ll be able to get stones later on to upgrade your pets to rare, so don’t worry if it’s not blue yet.

Over here, we can see the pet’s moves. As you level it up, you’ll unlock it’s moves as well as your second two battle slots. When you set up your team before a battle, you pick one out of two options for each of the three move slots. Once the battle starts, you can use only the three moves you set. When describing which moves to take for a pet battle sometimes people will write them out as a three digit code made of 1s and 2s. A 1 means take the upper move in that slot, and a 2 means pick the lower one.

An Anubisath Idol with a 1 2 1 moveset is using Crush, Stoneskin and Deflection. Your pet will have an experience bar, and a level from 1 to 25. Your pet gets experience if it participates in a pet battle and survives- if it dies in the fight, it doesn ot get any XP. You can also get Ultimate Battle-training stones in game to instantly boost a pet to level 25. More on that in a bit. Up here, you can see what type your pet is.

Your type gives you access to a racial passive, and a defensive resistance and vulnerability. X pets take more damage from Y moves, but less from Z moves. This handy graphic from Warcraftpets shows the offensive and defensive type matchups. On the offense side you can see that magic does more damage to flying, flying does more to aquatic, aquatic does more to elemental, etc.

On the defensive side, Beast is resistant to Humanoid damage, Humanoids take less from Critters, and so on. It’s something thatyou’ll memorize eventually but until then I’d just save the graphic somewhere handy and refer back to it. I had a printout taped to my monitor at one point. Something to keep in mind with typing is that a pet will have a type, but moves also have their own types.

They often but don’t always match. Your pet’s type determines what you have a defensive advantage against, but it’s the move type that determines whether you’re dealing strong damage. Being a water pet against an Elemental won’t help if you don’t have any aquatic moves. Pets with multiple types of damage can be useful because they can counter a wider range of pet types. Some pets are also double counters, whey’re they’re resistant to a type and have moves that deal strong damage to that same type. An example is the Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling, who takes less damage from Magic moves with his Mech type and his Dragon-type Breath move does strong damage to them.

He’s very useful when fighting magical enemies. Alright, enough with the theory, time for some practice! Look for a wild pet near you.

Open your Tracking options on your map, make sure that you’re tracking battle pets and look for the green paw icon. If it doesn’t have the green paw, it’s just a critter and it’s not a battle pet. Because your pets are level 1, you want to fight a similir leveled pet. There should be plenty in Elwynn Forest or Durotar.

Mousing over the zones on your map will show you the levels of wild pets in that zone. Right click the pet to start the battle. If it gives you an ‘area obstructed’ error try moving around to different spots and see if that works. Sometimes they’re impossible, especially underwater, but usually you can find the right spot to stand.

In your chat log, you can open a window that has Pet Battle Combat if you’d like a combat log. Click ona move to use it. Strong and weak moves against your opponent are marked with green and red arrows. The pet with more speed usually goes first, which is a huge advantage. Some moves will have a cooldown measured in rounds, while others can be used every round.

You can pass the round to do nothing here, which I don’t recommend unless you are stunned or have no moves available. With three pets on your team, you can use Switch to swap your active pet to a different one, which uses a turn. Forfeit will give up and exit the battle, and your Trap will attempt to capture a wild pet, which we’ll come back to later. Hit them until they have no health points, hopefully before they do the same to you. If you win, any pets that participated and survived will get experience.

To unlock all three battle slots, you need to level a pet up to level 5. After your pets have taken damage, you want to heal them up for the next fight. There are three main ways to do that. First is Revive Pets, which is a spell in your Pet Journal with an 8 minute cooldown. It’ll be on a short cooldown after you first log in, so you can’t just character swap for free heals. Pet Bandages can also heal your pets.

Those are a consumable BOA item that you’ll get from bags and quests as you do pet battles. Third are Stable Master NPCS, which you can track on your map. For a few silver, they’ll restore your pets. It’s handy to know where these are if you’re grinding wild pet battles. You’ll also heal a bit when you win a battle and some moves like Devour will heal your pet while battling, which can help. Next, let’s talk about leveling your first pets.

You can get from level 1-3 pretty quickly just by battling wild pets around Elwynn Forest or Durotar. That’ll unlock your second slot. At level 3, you can fight your first tamer. Go see Julia Stevens here in Elwynn Forest, or Zunta over here in Durotar. In a tamer battle you obviously cannot capture pets because we’re not team Rocket over here, and tamer battles calso give more experience.

Most low level tamers have daily quests, letting you fight them again every day. You can track Pet Tamers on your map to see where they are, and you’ll find their pet levels match the pet levels of that zone. After Durotar or Elwynn tamer, you should be fine to take on Old Macdonald in Westfall or Dagra in the Northern Barrens. When your pet reaches level 5, you’ll unlock your third slot and now you’re in business. With three pets you can fight against BfA pet battle world quest tamers, and they’ll scale down to your level. Do these as often as you can, and just try to type match with whatever you have.

You won’t get much experience from them, but you will occasionally get Polished Pet Charms which is what we want. When world quests offering those come up, do them on as many 120 characters as you have. Crysa in the Northern Barrens and Environeer Bert outside the Gnomeragan entrance will also scale their teams to your level, and can be beaten once per day. A rare pet can drop from each of their bags, so they’re worth doing if you’re in the neighbourhood.

If you get to 60 Polished Pet Charms before any of your pets reach level 25, which is likely, you can buy an Ultimate Battle Training Stone from vendors here and here in BfA. Use that on a pet to boost it to 25. Once you have at least one level 25 pet, you can purchase additional 25s from the Auction House if you’d like to speed up your collection. You could level your first pets the old fashioned way of grinding against wild pets and working your way through all the tamers, but it’s much much faster to save up and buy a few stones. Now that you have a few max level pets, you can catch up much more quickly. You can ‘2 pet’ tamers by including a low level pet in the fight and keeping it alive, then winning to get large amounts of experience.

This is effective on many tamers in the game, and you can level pets quickly by two-petting tamers from Pandaria and Draenor every day. It’s even faster during the pet bonus event, so keep an eye on the calendar. Next, Getting More Pets. There are over 1000 different pets to collect in WoW, with more being added every patch.

Wild Petscan only be captured from wild pet battles. They can come in a variety of qualities including Rare, and often several breeds which can affect their stats. They cannot be caged and you can catch any wild pet that you can fight. They are captured at the quality you fight them with, so looking for blue pets to capture is a good idea so you don’t have to upgrade them later. When the pet is under a third health but still alive, you can use the Cage to attempt to catch it. This uses your turn.

If the trap fails, the pet will get to hit you again. Every time you retry your chance gets better. After it’s successfully caged, you need to win the rest of the fight to get the pet.

You can only capture one pet from each encounter. Do be careful not to kill it! Some pets are extra useful for capturing wild pets. Grumpy has a move called SuperBark, which cannot reduce a pet below 1 health. If you use Howl and then Superbark, almost any pet will be ready for capture. You can get more pets from vendors as well as drops, achievements, the cash shop, and more.

Buying caged pets off the Auction House is a quick and expensive way to bulk out your collection. Before you buy Always look up where it comes from to make sure it wouldn’t be easier to go get one yourself. A question you might have right about now is Which Pets to Level First? Here’s 7 good ones to start with. The Iron Starlette. You can find these fairly cheap on the Auction House, or complete the Warlords of Draenor intro quests in the Blasted Lands to get a new one.

By using Wind-Up, Supercharge, Wind-Up you’ll demolish many, many pets. This guy is the key to most BfA World Quests, especially ones against a single boss pet. Stormborne Whelpling. You can use Arcane Storm- Mana Surge for a huge damage combo that will wipe out flying pets, and most everything else too. When it comes off cooldown, use Arcane Storm again for another damage hit even larger than the first.

This is often cheap on the Auction House or drops from the Stormwing Matriarch in Stormheim. A Power breed Nexus Whelpling is a better version of the same thing but that’s a tricky to find wild pet with limited spawns around Coldarra in Northrend. The Anubisath Idol. When you need to be defensive, this is it.

Stoneskin or Sandstorm will make you immune to most swarms, and Deflection lets you completely avoid big bursts of damage. While you hit them with Crush, you’ll heal up with your Humanoid Racial so this guy is a tanky legend. These are often medium cheap on the Auction House or can drop off of Twin Emperors in Ahn’Qiraj. The Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling.

You’ll need to upgrade and level this Engineering crafted pet, but holy heck is he worth it. If you’re fighting any kind of magic pet, he’ll demolish them with breath, avoid dangerous attacks with decoy and has a defensive advantage against magic attacks. This one never stops coming in handy, and pops up often in Draenor two-pet strats. Next is Ikky, for Black Claw and Flock. If you need flying damage this will pretty much do it.

It does so much damage that even a crab with a shell shield up gets wrecked. These are cheap on the Auction House or available from an easy Spires of Arak quest. The Zandalari Kneebiter or Anklerender, for their Black Claw, Hunting Party combo. It’s the same thing as Ikky, but with beast damage.

These guys are affordable on the AH or drop from dinomancers on the isle of giants in pandaria. Look for a power breed if you can, but they’ll all get the job done. 7th, I recommend Grumpy for capturing wild pets. Howl followed by Super Bark will get your target of choice quickly and safely within capturing range. These guys are cute, sell for cheap or can be looted from this house in Val’sharah.

Next, let’s talk about some pet battle addons. A few mods will give you access to more information and take some of the friction out of your pet battling process. First, I like PetJournalEnhanced. It adds more info and filters to your pet journal without completely changing it’s look from default. You can filter by pet type and by ability type which is handy if you’re looking for counters.

Could the next Formula 1 superstar come from Esports?

Making it onto a real Formula 1 grid alongside the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel usually involves years of moving through the ranks, and costs millions of dollars to do so. But now, could there be a new, cost-effective way of making it into the sport? While the exact figure may vary from driver to driver, it’s estimated if you were to self-fund your way to the top, you’ll need: The money really starts to ramp up with two years in Formula 3, and that’s before you probably need another two years in GP2.

All in all, there’s around $8 million dollars of driver investment. And even then, there’s no guarantee of getting picked up by a Formula 1 team. Compare that to the roughly $1,000 needed for a console and accessories to hone your driving skills. But does that mean you can really make it from the console to the cockpit? I think it’s good that it’s becoming much bigger and providing more opportunities and best casino bonuses because I think the more people you can have go into racing, the tougher it’s going to get, the more exciting it’s going to get.

Norris will be driving in Formula 1 for McLaren from 2019. And he’s also an avid gamer. However, he’s put the brakes on any idea that sim racing provides shortcuts to a real-world driving seat. The experience of crashing a car and it being costly, you know, you can’t just hit a reset button and go again. But at the same time, the physical side of things which you don’t feel so much on a sim.

You don’t have the G-forces, you don’t feel it on your neck, your body, your arms and legs. Here at McLaren, I think they’re good at preparing drivers in those other areas, but it’s still a very difficult jump. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t still intense competition, and big money up for grabs, for competitive gamers. Here at the Formula 1 Esports Pro Series, 18 of the world’s best drivers are competing for a $200,000 dollar prize pot and of course the title of Formula one esports Series champion. This arena in West London may play host to the event, but state-of-the-art simulators like this mean that drivers can be easily transported to famous circuits of Singapore and Silverstone. Nine of the top F1 teams, with the exception of Ferrari, have been competing as part of a 10-round format, now in its second year.

With driver and constructors titles awarded and a prize pool of $200,000 dollars. Winning here is about more than just a race to the chequered flag. And for many of the drivers, it’s a way they hope will show they can do it for real. Esports is a second chance for a lot of people because, as you’ve just mentioned people did do karting as a kid, often ran out of money, so they’ve gone to esports because it’s a low-budget alternative where the racing is actually more intense and closer than real life. My ultimate goal is to get to be the first Formula 1 driver that’s come from F1 esports, but yeah, I think it’s definitely doable.

Formula 1’s former boss Bernie Ecclestone didn’t really see the benefit in engaging with younger fans. Famously saying in 2014, “Young kids will see the Rolex brand, but are they going to go out and buy one?” But now, esports is just one way that Formula 1 is accelerating interest for a new generation of fans. The difficulty or one of the challenges with Formula 1 is that it’s not necessarily the most accessible sport. You couldn’t just jump into an F1 car. But the beauty about esports is that actually it bridges that gap, it gives an opportunity to kids who love racing, to experience racing in a way that is accessible and also in a way that’s very transferable.

More than 70,000 race-loving gamers entered the qualifying process for this season, creating more than three million views on social media during its first live event. So Formula One may not have been the first sport to enter the e-gaming arena, but events like this show that it’s certainly back on the pace. Hi guys, Adam here.

Progressive Betting Systems

Unfortunately, progressive betting systems do not work, there’s, never any correlation that says if you lose or win the previous hand, that’s gon na increase or decrease your odds of winning the next hand in blackjack, so progressive betting systems. Don’T work, it’s not going to change the odds. A lot of players asked me about card counting and specifically, what is it because there’s a misconception that if you’re a card counter you’re gon na memorize every card, that’s played and that’s not how card counting works Card counting is simply watching the cards on the table.

So that by seeing these cards, you’ll have some information as to what the mix of cards are in the un played cards sitting in the shoes that are gon na come out in the next round and I’ll give a simple example: let’s take a look at a Single deck game, you sit at a table and a dealer shuffles the cards cards come out on the first round, you’re an observant, blackjack player. So you look at the cards and you see that there are four aces on the layout. Maybe you have an ace two.

Other players have second and third ace. So maybe the dealer has the fourth ace. Now the dealer picks up.

Those cards puts them in the discard tray and now she’s ready to deal the second round. What are your chances of getting a blackjack on the second round? Well, your chance is 0 because you were an observant player.

You saw that all four aces were removed. Therefore, you have the knowledge from what you saw that they’re not going to be any blackjacks on the next round, So if you’re, smart bettor in that game, you’re not going to make a very large bet in that second round Now card counting is not illegal. The last time I looked using your brain when you play blackjack is certainly not an illegal activity, and that’s all you do when you card count. You’Re using your brain Now, there’s a misconception that a lot of players mistakenly believe that, in order to be a card counter they’re going to have to study for months and months and be like the MIT guys that a lot of players saw in the movie 21. That’S certainly not the case.

Anybody with average intelligence can learn card counting. Now some card counting systems do take a little bit more time to learn, but there are simple ones like speedcount, which can be learned in less than half an hour by the average person. Besides playing blackjack in casinos, there’s also another option and that’s to play tournament.

Blackjack Tournament. Blackjack is a little bit different than playing blackjack at a table because, when you’re playing in a tournament, you’re not only playing against the dealer but you’re competing against other players and the way tournaments work is quite simple. You have a table of say six or seven players.

Playing With Shuffling Machine

If they offered you a surrender option and most importantly, you wan na look at the payoffs for a blackjack, you want to make sure that if you were to get a blackjack that you’d get paid 3-2 and not 6-5 or even money, So it’s this mix of Rules which is going to determine the house edge against the player. Another thing that players ask me are which blackjack games should they avoid? I think the first thing you you definitely need to avoid is any blackjack game that pays 6-5 for blackjack and normally you’ll see a 6-5 blackjack payoff on single deck games.

The come-on is, of course, the fact that the casinos offering a single deck game, which is usually a better game for a player when they throw in the 6-5 odds. It makes a good game into a very poor game. Another kind of blackjack game that you should avoid are the ones that use a continuous shuffling machine. You’Ll know that the automatic shuffler is a continuous, shuffling machine. When you simply watch what the dealer does with the discards In a normal game of blackjack, the dealer will take the discards and put them in a discard tray, but with a continuous shuffler after every round is done, the dealer will take the discards and she will Place them back into the continuous shuffling machine and normally these machines hold from four to five decks of cards.

So when you think about it, when you’re playing with a continuous shuffling machine, the cards are going around and around from the table back into the machine. And then they come back out again and it just keeps cycling and when you’re playing with a CSM there’s. Never a pause in the action because the dealer doesn’t have to do any shuffling doesn’t have to change out. Shoes doesn’t have to change out cards, so what that does is it exposes your bankroll to the house edge 20 percent more per hour and therefore a player’s theoretical hourly loss is going to increase by 20 percent. Everybody asks me: what’s the biggest mistake that blackjack players make, I think the number one mistake is they either do not use the basic playing strategy, but instead use some kind of a faulty playing strategy and by faulty there are all different types and kinds, probably the Most common is a lot of players like to follow the strategy of the dealer, where they would always hit if they have 16 or less and stand on 17 or more just like the dealer does and that’s a strategy. That’S gon na doom, you to lose.

So you want to use the right strategy, which is the basic playing strategy. The second biggest mistake that players make. Is they use a progressive betting system, believing that that’s going to be the key to unlock the vault so to speak?

Answers to Common Blackjack Questions

My name is Steve Bourie and I’m the author of the American casino guide, which is the number one bestselling book in the US on the subject of casino gambling and travel and the only book that comes with more than one thousand dollars in casino coupon. If you want to know more about me or my book be sure to visit my website at In this video, we’ll be hearing from casino gambling expert henry Tamburin and answering some of the most common questions that players have about blackjack Henry has written several books On casino gambling, including Blackjack, take the money and run He also teaches instructional classes on how to be a card counter in skrill casinos sa, and he has a website at where he publishes a monthly newsletter.

All about the game of blackjack, I’m sure you’ll learn some great tips from Henry on the basics of blackjack and how to be a better player. Now, here’s Henry Tamburin A lot of players, ask me if they can win playing blackjack. The answer is yes, but you have to use the right strategies.

The first thing that an average player needs to do is to learn the basic playing strategy, and that will allow you to reduce the house edge to less than 1 percent, which is still not a winning player. What you have to do next is take the second step and you have to learn a simple card counting system. So if you use basic strategy and you learn card counting, you can have the edge on your side and you can be a long-term winning player. A lot of players ask me if the game of blackjack is the same from one casino to another Years ago.

That was the case. If you came to Las Vegas, for example, you’d find the same blackjack games within the casino and also from one casino to the next nowadays. That’S not true. You’Ll find some casinos that use two decks of cards, some use 6, some use 8 and some casinos. The dealer will stand on soft seventeen and others they’ll hit soft 17.

Some casinos will restrict the hands that you can double down on some offer surrender some don’t and you even have to watch out for the payoffs for a blackjack. So it’s very important that before you play blackjack, you go to the casino and you look at the blackjack table and make sure you understand what are the playing rules and what are the payoffs for blackjack for this particular table that you want to sit and play In the game of blackjack, the rules will affect the house edge against the player and there are good rules and there are not so good rules. The good rules for players, the ones you need to look for – are, for example, the dealer standing on soft 17 rather than hitting soft 17, it’s much better for a player. If the dealer stands on soft seventeen, You also want to make sure that you don’t have any restrictions, as I said earlier, on doubling down, ideally you’d like to be able to double down after pair splitting it’d be nice.

How to Play Texas Holdem Poker

What we’re going to do now, is we’re going to learn how to play the game of Texas Holdem Poker. Texas Holdem, it’s been a big booming game hasn’t it in the Internet era? And you can be a big part of it and the best thing to do is to learn how to play it properly before you start playing the game.

That’s what I’m here to do. I’m gonna teach you the fundamentals of Texas Holdem Poker. What is it?

I’ts a game of Poker against other players. Eventually there’s gonna be seven cards in play. Two are kind of secretive, they’re your own cards. Five card layed out across the middle here and the best player, with the strongest hand will win and i’ll talk you through it. You can see on the table here you’ve got something called a Dealer Button, you’ll see this when your playing online. Everybody takes their turn to be dealer.

The Dealer Button will move around after every hand so everyone takes their turn. To the left of the dealer, that’s the person who starts the betting off in every single hand, they’re called the Small Blind. That will be, in this case, here’s the dealer. So to the dealer’s left, here’s your Small Blind. To their left, is what we call the the Big Blind. So what are the Blinds?

The Blinds, they’re the thing that start the action going. They’re compulsory bets so that we’ve got some action, we’ve got some betting to start every hand off. In this case, we’ll say the small blind is one of these $5 chips here or £5 chips, so the Small Blind to the dealers left will be five, and the Big Blind has to be twice as much. So in this case, we call this, this is what we call a 5-10 game, the 5 being the Small Blind, the 10 being the Big Blind. You’ll see games of all different levels on the website. This’ll be a 5-10 game this case.

Five Blind, 10 Big Blind. So that’s started our betting going hasn’t it? What happens next? We’ve got our table set, we’ve got our players, we have the cards dealt out initially. You have just two cards each, so out come the cards.

We’ll have three players playing on this website. Two cards to each player and the players, as the cards go over the line there, will have a little look at their cards and think, have they made a good start to the hand. We’ve got the betting started, so we’ve gone Small Blind here, we’ve got the Big Blind here, so we would say the action, the next person to act in the hand is again, as it moves round clockwise the player to the left here. So we’ve got the Small Blind and the Big Blind, so what does the player here have to do next?

Well the action is now 10, that’s him out of the bet So they’ve now got three 3 different choices. Very common term in the world of Poker are these three phrases; They are to Fold, they are to Call and they are to Raise. So lets go through the three different options that the player in the third position here in this example. if he Folds, that’s pretty straight forward, he looks at his cards, he sees the betting is 10 and he thinks “Oh, that’s too expensive, I don’t have a very strong hand, discretion is the better part of valor, i’m gonna Fold my hand.” So the cards will be Folded, nothing ventured, you can actually have many hands in Poker where you don’t lose any money in the game.

Quite nice. There is a second option is to Call. To think “Well, I’m not doing too badly but I don’t wanna commit too much to the hand.” To Call at this stage, would be just to match the bet which was 10 there, The bet will again be 10 more.

If he does that, the action keeps moving around in a clockwise direction until it comes to the next player. The third option is to Raise. Now raising is when you add money to the pot, you build it up.

You could possibly call it by playing aggressively. An aggressive player does a lot of Raising and to Raise you have to double the amount that’s been bet previously. Here, the amount is 10, so if the player in the third box is going to Raise, the minimum he would be able to do that would be 20. He couldn’t bet 15, that wouldn’t be allowed. You have to double it up. So he can bet 20 or more.

So we’ll say he has bet 20, the action then moves round the table, the player in the box here, he has to now have 20 committed to the pot. He’s got 5, we’ll put him in for 20 and we’ll move the action round to the next player to his his left, he’s again got the same options. He’s committed for 10, the bets 20, he can Fold, he can Call it at 20 or he can Raise it again.

We’ll put him in for a Call. At this stage, everyone’s got the same amount committed to the pot, that’s when the round of betting ends. And all the money goes, as we say, into the pot, that’s gonna be played out at the end. So that’s the end of the first round of betting. After this, what we do is we’ll now draw three cards out and this is called the Flop, where the dealer will, in a real game, burn a card.

Drop a card down, and then three more cards are drawn to the table. Now, you with your two cards here, are gonna be matching up seeing how strong a Poker hand you can produce here. This is called the Flop. And again the betting will open up again, to the left of the dealer. Whoever is the player left in hand to the left of the dealer, shall be the first to act.

A little bit differently to the first round here, because there’s no compulsory betting already out there, you can at this stage do something that we haven’t talked about which is called Checking. Checking is when there’s no action, but you don’t want to commit any money at this stage to the pot, but you don’t want to get out of the pot either, So you can just Check and move the action around to the next player, So you’ll maybe go Check, Check, maybe perhaps the third player here, he wants to bet into the action. We’re in a 5-10 game, so the minimum bet here would be 10. So we’ll have this player here maybe, very very confidently betting 200 chips, getting a bit of action going in the game.

The betting then moves round again in a clockwise action to the next player who’s here. He’s now got those three options we talked about before, where he can Fold, he can Call, or he can Raise. Just like in the first round of betting.

In this example then we’ll have the player Calling the bet, the third player here, he’s then got the same three options. He can match that 200, he can raise to 400 or more. Or he can think, “My cards aren’t quite good enough. I’ve seen the Flop, I haven’t got a strong enough hand.”

So in this example let’s have the third player Folding his cards and he’s out of the hand. So we’ve just got the two players remaining, all the bets are equal. So again, that’s the end of that round of betting, called the Flop and the pot is building up nicely. The next thing that happens, is called the Turn. The Turn is a fourth card. Down it goes, over it goes.

So now look; we’ve got four cards here, hopefully you’re building up a nice strong confident position in the hand. Again, to the dealer’s left the first to act, do you Check or do you bet? What should we do this time?

Maybe the player here, fairly confidently bets 200, maybe the player to his left is very confident and Raises to 500. Again the player here, we’ll talk through these three options again. What does he do? Does he Fold, does he Call or does he Raise? Lets in this example say you Call the bet, you match the 500, so that 200 disappears,that 500 goes in. We’ve got the bets matched at this stage then, that’s the end of that betting turn.

And we’re now ready for the last card to be delivered and this is called the River, everything can change on the River. A lucky player is sometimes known as a River Rat, we’ve all been one. There’s the last card that’s burnt, there’s the card that goes into the middle.

Let’s see, we’ve got a Pair of 4’s on board, lots and lots of different possibilities. We then return to the player to the dealers left to choose, what are you gonna do? Are you gonna Check, are you gonna bet?

In this example, let’s keep it nice and simple. We’ll go Check, and Check. Both players, a little bit scared perhaps to commit too much into this pot. The hand is now complete.

The last thing to do is to see who the winner is, so we turn the cards over. An 8 and a 10 there, a Queen and a 6 there. The winning hand in this example is this hand here, you’ve got two 6’s and two 4’s with what we call a Queen Kicker. We’ll talk about the Hand hierarchy in just a moment. so in this example, the player here wins the pot, all the cards are brought in.

The Dealer Button will move across one, and we’re all ready to start our next hand.

The Most Powerful Slot machines Tips

There are many different slot machines available where you can choose to play according to your budget. Slot machines bets range from 5 cents to $5. High roller machines can take bets as high as $500.

Progressive Slots are linked in a bank of machines so that a certain percentage of every bet you wager goes to the progressive jackpot pool. This progressive amount gets larger as the same progressive belongs to many different online casinos.

The more people playing on the linked machines, the faster the jackpot increases. Finally one lucky player will scoop the jackpot he/she hits the highest winning symbol combination. It could be You!!! To hit the jackpot the maximum coins must be played.

A multiplier slot machine doesn’t have a jackpot, but the payback for additional coins is a multiple of the payback for a single coin. Some slots have an additional wheel that can be played after a win. So a player has a 50/50 chance of doubling (or losing) his/her winnings.

These machines have a special wheel mounted on top. When the winning symbols appears on the slot machine this wheel spins and the player has a chance at winning the wheel-of fortune jackpot.

The special prizes is waiting for you if you get a special symbol combination or collected certain symbols. If you do, you will enter a bonus round. Usually a player have to bet maximum coins to qualify for the bonus round.

Nudge machines have a light mounted on them that comes on occasionally. When it on, the player may move (nudge) a wheel forward or backward one location to get a certain combination of symbols on the payline, so a losing bet can become a winner. The house edge on these machines is usually the same as for regular slots.

Progressive slots are online slot games where the money to be won is constantly increasing. To get more info, click at the pictures below. While you are playing progressive games, if you happen to win the progressive jackpot (we wish you luck for this) then a screen pop up to notify you of the winning, and then the prize money is reset once again i.e. it goes back to zero and starts growing again.
There are a number of different progressive slots available to play at different online casinos. We provide you with top quality progressive slots that belong to the microgaming and playtech casinos.

Slots Strategy And Tips

Here you will find relevant information on how Slots could be played to increase your odds or winning as well as some of the importance on how to play it well. For example, Chris Wilkinson is a player at online slots who converts slots into a business. He makes more than he looses. So, let see what are his rules and strategies that make him win.

As we all know, slot machines and any other online gambling game has to keep a certain %age of the money that people play and the rest is openly let for people to win. In slots it can vary from as low as around 70% for Fruit Machines in the UK, to as high as 98% in Las Vegas.

The higher the percentage, the better chances of winning. So, an important thing to do is to identify which machine is “loose” (high %ages).

For instance if you put $100 through a 98% payback machine for 20 times, you are left with over $66. But, putting the same amount 20 times through an 88% payback machine we are down to $7. (In the UK, the payback percentage of each Fruit Machine is located in small print at the top of each machine. In the US, we have to use the Casino’s floor plan to identify the loose Slots.)

Simply put, the looser machines mean longer play sessions, more wins and hence greatly improving your chances of being there for the Jackpot when it arrives!

  • When you have reached a stage where you think you’ve earned the maximum that the online slot would give you, you should cash out that money and go to a different game. This is because it has been proven that people tend to play until they loose all the money. So, the best advice we can give is when your on a roll, keep your initial deposit and gamble with the winnings.
  • Also remember to look at the payout chart before playing. Whenever you play at any online slots machine, you will see a link taking you to the payout chart.
  • There are many books available to study thoroughly on how to play online slots. you can have a look at those as well if you are going to be an advanced online slots player.
  • A rule of thumb to follow, increase your bets when you are winning and decrease then while you are loosing.
  • While playing Progressive Jackpots, you’ll notice that at progressive games, you don’t win that often. In order to win, you have to bet big since the money you are playing for is the jackpot alone. There will be a higher chance of winning once you’ve put bigger money in the pot to play. When playing progressive slots, the risk is higher but the rewards are well worth it when you hit the jackpot.

Lastly, remember some points:

  • If you are a regular player, you should join a Slots club so you too can enjoy the benefits of playing Online Gambling Slots – A lot of the online casinos offer Comps and Loyalty program. So you get part of the money back on whatever money you wager.
  • Find a single payline machine to play on. At these machines you find it being less expensive to play. Your money will last longer, and your chances of winning a big jackpot, will be greater on a single payline machine.
  • Keeping this in mind, pick one machine (or online casino game in particular) and invest in an hour’s worth of playing at different times throughout the day. Most machines are on a cycle so that they tend to pay off at the same time every day or couple of days. The slower you play the better your chances of winning.
  • Keep yourself well rested and well fed because the combination of hunger and fatigue can wreak havoc on your common sense and control.
  • Participate in slot tournaments for a greater chance to win big money $$$.
  • Start out simple, let the winnings start piling up before moving on to the progressive Slots.
  • Make sure that the credit meter is activated by observing that the button is lit.
  • Manage money wisely.
  • Use profits to advance to higher denomination or progressive machines.
  • Enjoy Yourself.

Poker: The Terminology

I’m gonna run you through lots of terminology and lots of knowledge about the game of Poker. Action. Action refers to the amount of play in a game. You can have lots of Action when there’s lots of people betting in the hand, you can have a low Action hand when everyone’s checking and moving it around.

“The Action on you”, means you’re the next person to act in the hand. It’s up to you next to decide what you’re gonna do. An All In is when a player decides to go for broke, to put all his chips in the middle and to try and double up his entire chip stack. We can see an example at the table here, you’ve got a Small Blind, a Big Blind, a Call.

The player here, looks at his cards, got a lovely hand, there’s the line, put all your chips over the line, All In, all your chips in. If you get a Call, you’ve got the chance to double up. Very risky, a lot of players call All In’s when they’re bluffing, a lot of players only call All In’s when they think they can’t be beaten. It’s taking a chance, it’s a good chance though to double your stack by going All In. A Backdoor is when you get a little bit lucky. You catch the last two cards perfectly to complete a Straight, or in this particular example we’re giving here, a Flush.

You can see the player here, he’s got 2 clubs, first three cards only included one club. By having a Back Door there, the Turn Card and the River Card, both Diamonds, was a long shot but it’s worked out for him. It’s a Back Door, the last two cards have worked in his favour and he’s completed the five cards to the Diamonds to complete the Flush there. You could do the same thing when you’re going for a Straight for instance, by getting the two matching cars that you needed on the Turn and the River, the fourth and fifth cards. That’s a Back Door. A Bad Beat.

A Bad Beat is, it’s not nice. It’s when you’re the favourite in the hand, everything is looking very very good for you, but on the turn of the last card unexpectedly, things turn against you. Nobody likes to have a Bad Beat.

We all sympathize to the player who has a Bad Beat, but we all like to be the person who benefits from a Bad Beat. So that’s when the odds turn around after the last card, the person who looked like they were gonna win the hand ends up being the loser. They suffer from a Bad Beat. Let’s talk about the Blinds.

The Blinds are very very important, the Blinds are what starts the betting going in any particular given hand. They’re compulsory bets to start everything going. Look at the Dealer Button here; the Dealer Button moves around, the player to the left of the Dealer, they’re the compulsory bet, the one that started betting going before we see the Flop, the first three cards. They’re the Small Blind to the left and to their left is the Big Blind. Bluffing. Bluffing is one of the great arts of the game of Poker.

It’s the most satisfying way to win a hand of Poker. It’s when you don’t have much of a hand, but by sticking a load of chips in, by putting some pressure on the other players at the table, you get them to Fold, you get to win the hand when you didn’t have the best hand. Bluffing, it can be dangerous, it can be expensive, it’s a very very satisfying way of winning. The best Poker players are really good bluffers and the best Poker players also spot when the other players are Bluffing. The Button as it’s sometimes referred to. That’s the marker of the Dealer, that the Dealer Button moves around, it moves around in a clockwise motion with every hand.

We all take our turn to nominally be the dealer in the hand. To be “On the Button” means that you are nominally the Dealer in the hand and that means, as the betting moves around, you’re actually gonna be the last person to act in the hand. It goes the Small Blind, the Big Blind, it moves around the table in a clockwise motion, comes back to you who’s “On the Button”, you are the Dealer. You’re the last person to act in any hand. Some people think it’s a position of great strength, because you can see what the other people have done first. On the Button, the last to act, the Dealer in the hand.

A Call. A Call is when you don’t Raise and when you don’t Fold. Let’s look at the example here at the table of a Call Bet. We’ve started the betting off, we’ve got our Small Blind for 5, we’ve got our Big Blind there for two 5 chips which is a 10, action moves around in a clockwise motion, it’s this player next to act. If they’re gonna Call the bet, they just match the previous bet.

You can sometimes call that a Flat Call where whatever the person’s bet before, behind them you bet exactly the same. You’re not Raising the stakes, you’re not Folding out of the hand, you’re just maintaining the status quo in the hand by matching the previous bet, that’s called a Call. The Check. The Check bet happens in the second and third and sometimes the fourth round of betting, where you have the opportunity sometimes to stay in the hand without placing a bet.

Now here we are, we’ve had the Flop, the first three cards to come down, the player to the Dealers left, they’re gonna be the first one to act. Nobody in the hand, in this particular juncture has yet, in this round of betting, made a bet. So you don’t have to match anything, you don’t have to Raise anything if you don’t want to.

To Check you just tap the table and it moves round to the next player. When there’s no Action and you don’t want to put any Action or put any chips into the pot, you can check and pass the buck along to the next player in line. Eventually someone’s gonna bet, but if you wanna Check and move it around, just to keep yourself nice and safe without playing any money into the hand. That’s called a Check, when you move it around without placing any money.

Community Cards. Community Cards are the cards that are placed in the middle here. They’re cards that all of us who are playing in the game of Poker get the chance to add to our hand to give ourselves the best chance to win. You have the Flop, the first three cards, you have the Turn and the River in the game of Texas Holdem.

These are Community Cards, we add to them our own, nice and secretive to ourselves to make your hands up, but these are ones that are on public show. We can all see what the Community Cards are and we can all use these cards to make our hands up. Drawing Dead. Drawing Dead means that you’re in a position in the hand where it’s impossible for you to have the winning hand, to have a hand that can beat the other players.

Here’s an example of Drawing Dead. This player here has got a Jack-8, this player here after four cards have been drawn here, has got the Ace-King. There is not a card in the deck here that can be placed here as the last card that means that the player here can win the hand. He will be what we call Drawing Dead, he has got no chance of winning the hand whatever happens. We’ll draw the last card out. Impossible for the player here to win whatever the scenario.

Drawing Dead is not a position any of us want to be in. We want our opponent Drawing Dead so we can’t lose the hand. The Flop. Once the players have been dealt their hands and the first round of betting has been completed, the Dealer will then deal you out the Flop. The Flop, is three cards turned face up that form part of your Community Cards of your hand. In a live game of Poker, the Dealer will always burn one card and then will turn three cards over called the Flop.

A very nice Flop in this case. Two Aces here, to start your hand off. The first three Community Cards in the game, they’re called the Flop. You have the Flop, the Turn, the River, these are the first ones, the Flop. A Gutshot. A Gutshot is when you catch a lucky card really.

What you’re doing, you’re trying to create a Straight, a Straight is 5 cards in sequence. In this case, 7, 8, 9,10 and Jack to make a run of five cards here, a really strong hand. Here the player with the 8, has already got the 7, he’s got the 8 himself, the 9 and the Jack, his Gutshot card. It’s this one isn’t?

He’s hoping and praying 1/14 generally. There it is, it’s the 10. The Gutshot card.

It’s a very very lucky one. It would be a Bad Beat if somebody got a Gutshot on you and caught you up on the last card of any given hand. A Gutshot completes a Straight by being one of the cards in the middle. Kicker. A Kicker is sometimes the very minute difference between winning and losing in a hand of Poker. Let’s have a look at the example I’ve put out on the table here.

We’ve finished the hand, we’ve had the Flop, we’ve got the seven cards to look at, what’s the winning hand in this situation? Let’s have a look at it then. It’s a pair of Jacks. Both players here have got a Jack, a pair of Jacks each. Neither player has managed to make Two Pairs, they’ve both got one Pair, a pair of Jacks.

So how do we decide who wins the hand? It goes down to the next best card. So we’ve got a pair of Jacks, what’s the next highest card available for either player? It’s this card here. It’s the Ace. So this player has got a pair of Jacks with an Ace Kicker.

This player has got a pair Jacks, his next best card is this 10 here. So the winner in this particular hand is this player here. He’s got a pair of Aces with a higher Kicker, something to back up his Pair, without making a stronger hand is the Kicker and the Ace Kicker this time will win the hand for that player. Limping In. Limping In means that you place the minimum amount of chips necessary to keep yourself in the hand when you’re the last player to act.

We’ll make this seem a little bit clearer. Let’s look at the table here, we’ve got the Dealer Button, Small Blind for one, all the players in the hand have bet two chips worth 10, 10, 10, 10, 10. The last one to act here is the Small Blind, he’s already bet 5, he’s gonna Limp In, he’s not gonna Raise, he’s gonna put the minimum amount in, as the last player in the hand to finish off the action, he’ll just put in his extra 5 chips to even it up, he’s Limped In.

He hasn’t Raised the Action, he hasn’t been aggressive, he’s kept the game fairly low-key. Limping In, sometimes people do it as a bluff when they’ve got a very very strong hand, watch out for that. Loose.

A Loose player is somebody who tends to play a lot of hands, who tends to Raise a lot, tends to get involved in every pot. You can never be sure if a Loose player is bluffing or if they have a big hand. If a Loose player plays every hand generally though, they are running into somebody with a really big hand who will take them down; Loose players.

They can win or lose a lot of money very very quickly. In the Muck. That means when you decide to discard your hand, throw it away and surrender in the hand. I’ll show you how to Muck a hand. The Dealer here, Small Blind has placed his chip here, the Big Blind behind.

He’s Raised and he’s bet another hundred. This player here has looked at his cards, he’s gone “Oh dear, I haven’t got very much here, I don’t wanna play.” What they do, they throw their cards into the middle into the Muck, they’re out of the hand. In this case, they’ve Mucked their cards without even spending a Dime, a Penny, a Cent in the hand. A Muck is when you throw your hand in and give up. An Out.

An Out is your chance to catch up, catch up on the last card in the hand. Let’s see if there’s any Outs for the players here. Let’s have a look at our two hands, player here with the Ace-Jack, he’s got a Pair already, he’s in the lead. The player looking for Outs is the player here with the Ace and the King. What are his Outs then?

Let’s work them out. If the last card was an Ace, he’d have a pair of Aces, he’d win. If the last card was a King, he’d have a pair of Kings, he’d beat the pair of Jacks. One more potential win over him actually is the Queen as well. We’d have 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace, a Straight. So the player in this scenario’s got a few Outs.

He’s got three different Outs, three ways of catching up at the last minute. The more Outs you have, the more chance you’ve got in the hand. If you can work out you’ve got lots of Outs, maybe it’s a better idea to stay in the hand. If you’ve got very few Outs, maybe the wisest manoeuvre would be to give up the hand, throw it in the Muck and of course in this occasion, the Ace comes, the Out has come in, they’ve caught up, it’s been a lucky catch on the River. That’s an Out.

The Pot. The Pot is the amount of chips, the amount of money that’s been wagered in the hand so far. The amount that’s in the Kitty, to be won at any given stage of the hand. The Pot is here, and on the live game, right in front of me here.

You add to the Pot before and during the hand and as you come to the River, the last chance to add to this Pot, to the amount of money that you’re all aiming to win is in your last set of betting. The bigger the Pot, the more that you’re likely to want to be betting into it at the last minute. If it’s a very small Pot, you’re very risky putting a big bet in. If the Pots already very very large, you want to be in that Pot as often as possible for the chance of winning it. There are two different ways of playing the game of Poker. You can play No Limit or Pot Limit.

Pot Limit, limits the amount of money, the amount of chips that can be wagered on any particular round of betting. It restricts the amount that could be won and lost in each individual hand, it means that you can budget your game a lot easier when you’re playing Pot limits. Some people prefer it, some people don’t.

Your choice to play No Limit or Pot Limit. Pot Limit puts a ceiling on the amount that you’re allowed to bet in any one particular hand or any one particular round of betting. A fantastic hand if you can catch one is Quads.

Quads is when you have Four of a Kind. Fairly rare and if you get beaten on Quads you can consider yourself very very unfortunate. Here’s an example of some Quads here.

three 10s, down there on the Flop, on the Turn, on the River as well, one of each, three 10’s, one in the players hand here, makes the best hand available to himself. Four 10’s, Ace Kicker. Quads are a very very strong. Of course, the higher the Quad, the better.

Four 10’s will beat four 6’s. The Rake is a very very small amount that you will have, it’s more like a tax of tables. It’s like a betting tax at the Poker Tables. The Rake is the small percentage of the winnings in every hand, that are taken by the casino operator, or the croupier sometimes, if you’re fortunate enough in a live game as a commission for running the game.

So maybe here, you’ve got a great big Pot here of about eleven or twelve hundred, perhaps the Rake would be ten, fifteen or twenty chips that don’t return to you, they go into the Kitty of the casino operator and the winning hand gets the rest of it. The Rake, normally a couple of percent goes back the casino operator, the Dealer. That’s the Rake. The Raise. The Raise is a way of increasing the Pot, increasing the amount of money in the Kitty and hopefully increasing your win. It’s an aggressive tactic to get things moving.

Let’s have a look at this sort of pre-Flop situation here, early in the hand. The Dealers Buttons here, Small Blind, one chip there for five, compulsory bet. There’s your Big Blind there, compulsory bet for ten. That’s a Call Bet there for ten, it’s just moving nice and quietly. Maybe the player here has a little peek at his cards, sees they’re really strong and thinks “Right, I’m gonna put some money into the Kitty, I wanna get this Pot nice and big so I can win it.” A Raise has to be double or more the previous bet.

The bet here was 10, so if you’re gonna Raise, you have to make a bet of 20 or more, So perhaps the player will bet 300. That’s a big Raise. The Re-Raise.

The Re-Raise, we’ve spoken about the Raise when you can increase the Pot to increase the amount of money in there to get yourself a nice win. Let’s look at a Re-Raise, when the stakes get increased again and again. The example at the table here; Small Blind for five, Big Blind for ten, player here in this position, he’s Raised to a hundred. Player here, got a very nice strong hand.

He’s given three choices now. He can Fold his hand, he can Call that Raise of one hundred, he can Re-Raise. He can Re-Raise by taking that hundred and doubling it or more.

A minimum bet to Re-Raise would be two hundred. Maybe in this case, a good Re-Raise would be to four. It puts the pressure back on the player who has done the Raise. Basically it’s you saying, “I’m stronger than you.

You think you wanna bet? Now I’m really betting.” It puts the pressure back on the player behind, it’s a very aggressive strategy. The aggressive players, they Re-Raise all the time.

They put the players before them under a lot of pressure by Re-Raising. It’s an attractive way to play if you’ve got a great hand. It’s also what bluffers do, to try and pinch some money from people who have Raised in front of them. The Short Stack. The Short Stack is the player at the table with the least number of chips at the table.

He’s the one that everyone’s normally looking at thinking, “We’re gonna try and eliminate him, we’ll put him under pressure.” When a Short Stack is put All In, sometimes he won’t have enough money to cover the other players bets. That doesn’t matter, he can still push all his chips and be allowed to bet just that amount. The Short Stack, sometimes they get put under pressure, sometimes people will bet against the Short Stack when they shouldn’t.

So it’s not always the worst position to be in. You can quite often double through your chips when you’re the Short Stack because people will try and get you at the game. Side Pots are when one or more of the players in the hand, hasn’t got enough to cover the entire bet.

They go All In with the chips they’ve got, as an excess, that the other players at the table are playing for that they haven’t been funded enough to play in the hand. That’s called a Side Pot. When one player hasn’t got quite enough chips to play the entire Pot, the remainder is played by the other players, in what’s called a Side Pot, which they play separately against themselves, rather than with the player who is All In. The most skilful players in live play look for things like a Tell. A Tell is sometimes a little scratch of the nose, sometimes it’s a nervous little twitter, sometimes it’s playing with their chips. It’s when a player kind of lets you know what’s going on.

Now highly skilled players can spot what’s called a Tell in other players. In fact, the craftiest players will throw a Tell out there that’s a Bluff. So Tells can work for you and Tell against you.

Are you good at spotting them? I don’t know, I can’t. The Tell. Two kinds of players generally in the game of Poker.

Loose players and Tight players. Pretty straight forward. A Tight player is somebody who doesn’t play many hands.

They sit very quietly, they Fold a lot of hands, they don’t get involved in a lot of hands, they certainly don’t Raise or Re-Raise very much. But when they come out of their bunker, they normally bet quite heavily because they haven’t played many hands, they need to catch up. So watch out for these Tight players.

When they do play, they play big, but they don’t play very often. The more disciplined players I should say, are the Tight players, but they don’t always win. Something we all try to avoid as Poker players is Tilt.

It’s going on Tilt after you’ve lost a hand, if the luck isn’t running with you, sometimes you can go, what we say, on Tilt. That means that you start betting probably a little bit more than you should, a bit more often than you should, on maybe on hands when you shouldn’t be betting. Look out for a player on Tilt. Quite often that’s an opportunity to win some nice easy chips from a player who’s lost his discipline. Look out for them as well. If they win, they can win big on Tilt.

What Do You Think About 666 Number?

PETE WATTS: Well, the number 666 is pretty famous, or I suppose you could say infamous. 666 is called the number of the beast. And the reason that the number 666 has become infamous is not just because it’s some kind of nice number. It has got a lot of interesting mathematical properties.

JAMES GRIME: Perhaps disappointingly, mathematically 666– not that special.

PETE WATTS: But it’s famous because of its use in the Bible, where it is the number of the beast.

Let me read the relevant passage.

JAMES GRIME: The one thing that I do know where it turns up is in the game of roulette. So roulette– here’s a roulette table. This is the Monte Carlo roulette table.

PETE WATTS: “Let him who has understanding reckon the number of the beast, for it is a human number. Its number is 666.”

JAMES GRIME: There’s an American roulette table as well, which is slightly different. The American table has a 0 and a 00, whereas the Monte Carlo roulette table just has the one 0.

PETE WATTS: The New Testament– the Bible wasn’t written in English. This is just a translation. So in the original Greek manuscripts, the number is actually written as three letters. The Greeks didn’t have symbols for writing numbers. They use letters instead.

It’s the same as if in English, we had to use the letter A for one, the letter B for two, and so on. Greek is like this. It uses letters to represent numbers. Hebrew is like this.

Letters are used to represent numbers. And those are the two main languages of the Bible.

JAMES GRIME: So all roulette tables, though, use the numbers 1 to 36. So here, the Monte Carlo roulette table has 37 slots– 0, 1, 2, 3, up to 36.

PETE WATTS: So alpha, the first letter of the Greek alphabet represents the number one.

Beta, the second letter, represents number two. Gamma, the third letter, represents number three. Now, if we carried on like this, we wouldn’t be able to form big numbers very easily. So then, as we go on, the letter iota comes to represent 10.

Kappa is 20. And then we’ve got to now go to our 100’s. So rho, which is the equivalent of our letter R, represents 100. Sigma, the next letter– just like we go R, S, rho, sigma in Greek– 200.

Now what this means is that every word also has a numerical value.

JAMES GRIME: The Monte Carlo table was by a man called Francois Blanc. In fact, the first version of roulette was invented by a mathematician called Blaise Pascal, a really early version of the idea. He’s a brilliant French mathematician– really interesting life. But the version I want to talk about is the Monte Carlo roulette table. So Francois Blanc invented this.

And they say that he made a deal with the devil for the secrets of roulette, because the numbers of a roulette table add up to 666.

PETE WATTS: So for example, my name is Pete. Pi– famous mathematical symbol which is the first letter of my name, which would be 80, so pi, P for Pete, 80. Epsilon and E, that would be 5. Tau, a T, that would be 300.

And finally, another E, 5. So the number of my name is 390.

JAMES GRIME: It is just a coincidence. It’s a nice little funny story told by gamblers who have perhaps suffered at the hands of the roulette table.

666 then, if it is the sum of consecutive numbers, 1 to 36, that means it’s also known as a triangle number. That’s what a triangle number is. Let’s have a look at those.

PETE WATTS: OK. So in the Bible, the famous number 666 comes in Revelation, chapter 13. “This calls for wisdom. Let him who has understanding reckon the number of the beast, for it is a human number. Its number is 666.” Now, in English, this word “reckon” actually comes from a Greek word which means calculate.

So it’s almost like the text is saying, I’m going to give you a riddle. You need to calculate the number of the beast. This number, 666, actually relates to a name. Now, in Greek, this is called isopsephy, the idea that a name can be a number as well, or a number can be a name.

And in Hebrew thought, the same idea is called gematria, which actually relates to our English word “geometry.” It has the same Greek origin. Many people have seen the Book of Revelation as directed against the Roman Empire. So when it comes to calculating the number of the beast, this evil figure within the book, many of them presume that this figure must be something to do with the Empire, and in particular, its particularly evil leader Nero.

So the way that this is calculated from the number 666 is to take the letters of Nero Caesar. But a slight complication is that the letters are actually written in Hebrew and not Greek. The reason for that is it’s often in Jewish thought, in Hebrew thought, that the idea of making letters and numbers, or making names from numbers, had some significance. One way to write Nero Caesar in Hebrew is like this.

Now, just like in Greek, each letter corresponded to a number. The same is true in Hebrew. So the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet is alef. So this corresponds to number one.

Bet corresponds to number two. And then we move into our 10’s as well. So yod corresponds to number 10. Resh corresponds to 200. So we have a very similar system.

Both the Greeks and Hebrew language used letters to represent numbers. So this says Nero Caesar in Hebrew. The nu, the N, is number 50. The R, the resh, is 200. Vav is 6. Nu is 50.

Qoph is 100. Samekh is 60. And then resh is 200.

Now, if you add up all of these, we come to 666. So Nero Caesar, the name Nero Caesar, has a numerical value of 666. Why is it spelt slightly funnily?

We’ve got here N, R, the equivalent of a N. So we’ve got Neron Caesar. The reason for that is that the Greek way of writing Nero Caesar was Neron Caesar. I think this is the most obvious explanation. Partly because there are other examples at the time in other Hebrew and Greek text of this kind of riddle. The idea of a number representing a name is convincing because this Neron Caesar, this particular spelling, is in common use. And also, John as an author uses very Hebraic concepts.

He draws on a lot of Hebrew ideas. Some people argue that Greek is his second language. He thinks in Hebrew, but he writes in Greek. So he’s imbued with Hebrew ideas.

PETE WATTS: But also, it adds to kind of the complexity of it in terms of it being a riddle, a secret. So no one wants to write a book under imperial persecution saying the root of all evil is Nero Caesar.

You’re not going to spell that out. So this is kind of a way that the number system of the time uses a code to kind of protect the author, protect the recipients from an out and out criticism.

JAMES GRIME: A triangle number, then, can be written like a triangle. Here, I’m going to take some dots and write them– squeak– in a triangle.

And you see, each row is a different number. So now I’ve got one, two, three, four. So the first triangle number– it’s just 1, on its own.

The second triangle number is the first two rows there, so 1 plus 2, which is 3. The third triangle number is this triangle– one, two, three– which is 6. The fourth triangle number is that, and so on, and so on. And the 36th triangle number– so the very last row would have 36 dots on it. It would be the 36th triangle number.

That is 666.

PETE WATTS: 666 has been used to indicate virtually anything, where anyone who’s been evil and evil, rude, or so on, has been found to add up somehow to the number of 666, using all sorts of bizarre counting systems. What generally happens is that people take the English alphabet, A to Z, and use the numbers 1 to 26 to try and come up with some code. But you can see that that’s actually nothing like the genuine way that Hebrew and Greek use their numbers. Because there, in Hebrew and Greek, we get units, tens, and hundreds whereas these codes that tend to be made up these days use just the number 1 to 26, A to Z.

And then they involve all sorts of bizarre things like adding people’s middle names and so on to come up with present-day figures.

JAMES GRIME: Of course, we know about the associations with 666. But mathematically speaking, it’s not a particularly interesting, exciting number for its own sake. It’s more of a cultural, important number.

PETE WATTS: What’s very interesting about this 666 is that some manuscript, some other early manuscripts from the third century and so on, actually have the number 616.

So the number of the beast in these texts is 616. Now, what’s interesting is that if you take off this final N in Hebrew and have just Nero Caesar, that equals 616. So in other words, people are saying, I already know that the answer is Nero Caesar, but I’m not sure about how you worked it out.

I’m going to correct it, if you like. I think the number ought to be 616. So in a way, that confirms that they were thinking of Nero Caesar, even from the second, third century and so on, really early on.

So that’s a nice bit of evidence that confirms that, certainly among the early Christians, the answer to this riddle was Nero Caesar.

Slots Tutorial: The rate of wins on multi-line slot machines.

This is a slot machine game called Moneystorm. It’s a popular game in Ontario. It’s a multiline game.

What that means: you can wager on one line, or multiple lines. If you’re wagering on one line, it’s just the middle line, which normally means you need two or three symbols starting from the left before you can in a prize. But you can choose wager on to up to 20 lines, so if you wagered on two lines, then a winning prize would be if you had two or three symbols on this line or to or three lines on this line, or both.

Similarly, you could go up to three lines, and all lines would be in play. And, incredibly, you’ve got 20 different lines that you can wager on. And when you’re wagering on 20 lines, you have a very high chance of winning something, because one of those lines or two or three of those lines could win something.

So, let’s just take a couple spins. Here I have a small win, I wagered 20 and I won 6. This is an interesting one, I’ve had quite a few line wins. Each of the line wins is 2, so I have a total win of only 18, but we have a lot of wins within that 18. So, on my wager of 20, I have a net loss of two but I have 9 individual wins. The other thing we can do, is we can change the number of credits wagered per line.

So I was wagering on the previous spins 1 credit per line, for a total of 20 credits. If I press 2, I’m wagering 40 credits. Similarly, I could press 3,4, or 5 and be betting 60, 80 or 100 credits. Each Moneystorm game in Ontario makes about 125 000 dollars per year. One thing that’s interesting about these machines, given that they make a lot of money, is how often you win something.

When you’re wagering on 20 lines on Moneystorm, you’re winning something on about every second spin. We did a trial, we played the machine for 10 000 spins and we got roughly 5000 wins of ‘something’. Many of those wins are less than the wager, but they’re still a ‘hit’ of some kind.

It’s incredible to us, to think about the effect on the player of winning ‘something’ so often, and yet it’s the machine that’s evidently making the money, and not the player.

Basic Rules of Blackjack | Gambling Tips

First, you find yourself a table. You can ask . . . there’ll be a sign on the table telling you exactly what the minimum and maximum bets are.

Usually, it starts about $10 or $15, but you can check with the table in particular that you are at. You place your bet, and then the dealer is going to deal everybody two cards, face-up. The dealer is going to give himself one, and one facedown. Basically, cards 2 through 9 are worth their value and 10, Jacks, Kings, and Queens, they’re all 10 points. Aces can count as 1 or an 11. In this case here, he’s got a 3 or 13.

He would have a 15. This player here has Blackjack. Blackjack consists of any Ace, and any 10-value card on the first two cards.

We’re going to pay him right away; it pays 3:2. He’s got $500, so he’s going to get $750. He doesn’t have to play this hand here. With all the other hands, basically, the object of the game is to get as close to 21 without going over.

In this case here, player here has 3 or 13. He wants to hit, he can take another card, and then now he has a 9, or 19. A lot of people would want to make that a 19 and stay. That would be up to you. Then you stay on your hand. Then we go to the next player who may decide to hit, stay, or whatever he would like to do.

In this case, we’ll give this guy a card, just because he wants one. He’s got a 10, 5 and 8, that’s 23, so he’s over 21, I take his money, and we go onto the next hand. Then you have the option where if you want to get more money onto the table, where you’re feeling lucky you’re going to get real close to 21 and beat the dealer, then you can Double Down, which the player would put money onto the side there, and they would get one card.

In the case of Pairs, if they wanted to split them, you could do that. You could do that with any pair. They would get a card, and then they can play their hand as normal. Say he wants to hit the 12, he busts, and take his money. With the 10, if he decides he wants to double down after splitting, you could do that, as well.

He’s got 20. Then the dealer’s turn; he flips over his card. In this case he’s got 13, he’s got 16. I have to keep going. I have 18. Here, the player’s got 20, so he gets paid.

Then here with the 19, he gets paid. We sweep the cards up. Players take their bets back, and we go on to the next hand. Those are the basic rules of Blackjack that will get you started at the tables.