Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel you with a Roland from MyCasinoIndex. This is your February monthly reading for 2019 and I hope you’re having a great year so far moving forward. We’ve had the eclipses starts so there could be some changes Lots of things moving and changing in your lives, which is always exciting. I’d love to hear about it So, please comment below in the comment section below the videos I do recommend that you look at your Sun moon rising and Venus And if you don’t know what they are There is a free birth chart Calculator in the show more section below these videos and you can calculate your son moon rising and Venus signs and you can check those videos out because some months you’re going to relate more to one than the others or Sometimes all of them will have a general message in there for you.

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Lots of blessings. Take care Hi cancer cancer Sun Moon rising and Venus. Let’s have a look at your energies for February in happy Valentine’s Happy valentines. Happy February energy moving forward. Okay cancer I’m picking up an e sounding name for you like an aryl Erik Elena Still Esther e first your second name could be your name or somebody coming in around you who has a strong e in their name as An initial first or second name? Okay Something that will be significant to you Most of you will be able to place that so let’s have a look and see what’s going on with your energies cancer alright Okay, okay We’ve got the king of Rod somebody who is potentially a fire sign an Aries Leo of Sagittarius male coming in around you could be Somebody that you already know Or somebody coming in around your offering you something because we have got the knight of cups could definitely be an author So if you are male same-sex relationship Then you’re going to be probably the knight of cups, and you’ve got this Fire sign mail around you if you’re looking for a man Then this man could be coming in and offering you something fire sign very nice It’s always nice to have a bit a fire a bit of passion things moving forward there looks to be like some sort of celebration too, so there could be That you’re celebrating an anniversary an event.

You might be going to a wedding. You could be meeting somebody through girlfriends female friends females You might be celebrating something with your partner if you’re in a coupled relationship we’re celebrating an engagement that you’re getting engaged or Celebrating something new a birthday birthday party meeting somebody at a festive Celebratory occasion, so that’s nice your star is rising cancer. Looking good for relationships so far really nice Happy family homes relationship marriage new starts new beginning something new taking off. Wow. Oh my god. You’ve got the amazing Ace of Cups Looking at the Ace of Cups, we’ve really got this feeling of, you know, having your energy overflowing with happiness abundance success Feeling extremely.

Happy Wow, and also the world coming to fruition things coming to a head coming to full circle Like you might have been feeling like wow, you have been looking for something for a very long time Trying to grab hold of something, you know grabbing hold of this ace of rods grabbing hold of this idea grabbing hold of You know the energy feeling like you need to take My my feeling around this is that you need to take the bull by the horns or you need to take control of something So it could be that you’re taking back control of how you’re navigating your life how you’re navigating also your love life Okay Queen of cups As you cancer cancer Scorpio Pisces female if you’re looking for a female coming into your life as well or around you Okay, so let’s have a look and see what the world has there Okay, king of swords There could be some sort of frivolity with a man or a situation Around a man so it could be a lawyer or somebody Legal, but there could be something that is up in the air that hasn’t come to fruition But you’re thinking about you might have turned your back on Somebody and you’ve got this man who is still wanting you he’s still after you he still wants you He’s still thinking about you. He’s thinking about you Yeah Okay There’s a man at your back. He’s thinking about you He’s wanting you He might not have made himself super clear with you before but now I feel like he’s really making himself clear he’s really coming forward with some sort of gumption and energy and force in your in your Ear design design. Yeah designing. Mmm. Yeah in your design designing yourself around this person Okay Let me have a look at that knight of swords Look, there’s somebody trying to reach out to you that you’ve let go of so somebody from the past is trying to reach out They’re trying to come back in they could be an air sign Gemini Libra Aquarius So I feel like you’ve walked away from something and and somebody is trying to reach out to you They’re trying to get back with you But you might be already off and running in a new direction because the ace of the ace of rods it’s like you’re super happy, you know with the Ace of Cups and you’re not expecting to be this happy, but you will be Okay, there’s unexpected happiness here so you’re often running in a new direction you feel like something has completed with the world and This situation with this man here might have been completed all this energy completed It could be an if you are a male it could be symbolic of you or it could be If you have had a man in your life that this energy is completed you’ve walked away from it you feel like you’ve walked away from something that also has had some value to you has been important to you, but There’s been a reason why you’ve walked away from it, okay King of Pentacles, so there’s another man coming in here if you are dating and you’re a female you’ve got lots of men Offering you something or coming back into your life exes new people choices options king of Pentacles So this man is sort of presenting himself But he could come with a lot of baggage is what I’m picking up through these cards.

He’s got the tower underneath him He’s coming up with a lot of baggage He might not be exactly what you want He could also have gone bankrupt before or had some issues with money and you don’t want any Any sort of baggage to carry forward into your life. Okay, I Want to see what is this? King of swords about okay. What’s this king of swords about?

What’s this? Okay Let me try to clarify one of these that really needs to be Clara fired What is the happiness about let’s have a look at the happiness the Ace of Cups? What is the happiness about?

What do we need to know about the angle of this happiness? And the result or the reason for this happiness coming moving forward Mmm Control power could be a Capricorn somebody with Capricorn rising or moon Ace of Pentacles. It could be a lump sum of money coming in.

It could be about you taking back control of your life or Working something. It could be you working magic to get money. It could be you Fighting for what you want and what is rightfully yours. It could be a dividend to pay payout.

It could also be Something that you just go for it could even be a gamble. Okay, so some of you might have a gambling problem But you might gamble and actually get something back you might get some big lump sum of money coming in through a ticket through a type of gambling or Games of chance or games of luck so it could be the lottery Could be gambling could be Gambling on something big. Okay, it could be something that is going to be my the word I’m getting is throwing caution to the wind so It might be that you feel like you’ve only got five dollars left and you just gamble the whole thing. Okay, so That could turn around for you. I’m not saying suggesting to do that.

But that’s what I’m getting through the cards It’s like, okay Well, what the hell I’m just going to gamble this because I really don’t I don’t have much left anyway, so what why not, you know, it’s almost like It’s almost like the feeling of giving up. Hope completely and then such a windfall coming in so it could come in through the design of a man or a partnership or a Work situation a win of some description could be a work situation could even be that you’ve given up totally on your work opportunities or work situations or Applying for jobs if you are unemployed and then suddenly, you know you think okay What the hell I’m going to go for that even though I’m not qualified and it could actually get you the big win Because the ace of Pentacles has a beautiful archway looking through the doors of the archway looking out It’s almost like you’re looking out to see it could even be that you win a trip as well I feel like some of you might even get offered a trip to go to the beach or the sea somewhere What else do we need to know for cancer cancer Sun Moon rising and Venus what else to in each no for cancer? Looking golf cancer, I don’t know what it is, but it’s looking good. Okay. There’s a new love coming in That’s what’s shaking up the energy you could be the blonde female somebody who dyes her hair a different color blonde or naturally blonde or red hair or wears a wig Soulmate connection and also fair male somebody coming in who is Farish for their cultural background? He could have light eyes light skin or light hair if he is Caucasian if he is African He’s going to be lighter than darker.

If he is East Indian. He’s going to be wheaty She’s going to be lighter than darker if his self American he’s going to be lighter than darker mixed This man is like soulmate potential. He’s He’s got his eye on you Okay, he’s got his eye on you if you are Same-sex relationship female then. It’s a girl who looks like a guy she’s a tomboy She’s got her eye on you on you Okay It’s a new love new loves to somebody you’ve never met before you’re going to meet them for a dating dating situation You’re going to be dating and meeting people being offered to go out with somebody It could be something that happens around a full moon. We’ve just had a new moon.

It’s still I’m recording these videos in January So it could even happen by the full moon in in January moving forward and that’s another eclipse So Wow cancer, you’ve got really really good cards for relationship. You’ve got a situation here of focusing on Focusing on the prize Yeah, focusing on the prize Keeping your eye on the prize there’s a lot of Distractions here from the past that are going to come back in around you or somebody that you’ve let go of is going to try to resurface But you are going to focus on the prize and you are going to get the prize you’re going to get the happy family homes The money then your ideas the girlfriends a celebration. You’ve got the king of Pentacles that’s money there Okay You’ve got offers and choices. So make the right decision cancer. That’s all I can say and you’re going to be lucky lucky Lots of love and blessings.

Ciao for now. Take care