Pet Battling for Beginners – Ultimate Newbie Guide to Battle Pets

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Horde players can see Varzok up here by the Zeppelin towers in Orgrimmar. You can also learn a few basic pets at these NPCs, which you should do if you don’t have those yet. Next, let’s take a tour through the Pet Journal.

The default keybind is Shift-P to open your Collections window, and then click the Pet Journal tab down here. You may have some pets already in this list games. By right-clicking your pet here on the left, you can summon it to have it follow you around in-game. If you really like a particular pet and want to do that more often, you can drag that icon to a bar to summon it more easily. You can also rename it to give it a nickname, which has fewer rules than player names.

You can include spaces Other players will see your pet names when you battle them or if they see your pet out in the world. If the pet is cageable, you could cage it to take it out of your journal and turn into an item in your bags that can be traded or sold.

A caged pet keeps it’s level. You can purchase many caged pets from the Auction House to add to your collection- but keep in mind that if the new pet’s level is higher than any pets you have already, you can’t learn it. You have to level one yourself first.

Also, Not all pets are cageable- wild pets and pets from achievements usually are not but most vendor and drop pets will be. Most of themn. Pick any pet from your list and drag it to your first active slot here on the right. With the pet selected, you’ll get more info about it here on the top right. Over here we’ve got the pet’s health total, attack stat, speed stat and quality.

If you’ve played a Pokemon game before, there are a lot of similarities. Also, a lot of slots placed on the site are styled like a Pokemon theme. And they can be used as additional entartainment for Pokemon lovers. The quality of the Pokemon game is either going to be Rare, also known as blue, and then everything else which isn’t good enough. Rare is the highest quality pet that players can get. NPCs sometimes fight with epic or legendary pets but they’re cheating. You’ll be able to get stones later on to upgrade your pets to rare, so don’t worry if it’s not blue yet.

Over here, we can see the pet’s moves. As you level it up, you’ll unlock it’s moves as well as your second two battle slots. When you set up your team before a battle, you pick one out of two options for each of the three move slots. Once the battle starts, you can use only the three moves you set. When describing which moves to take for a pet battle sometimes people will write them out as a three digit code made of 1s and 2s. A 1 means take the upper move in that slot, and a 2 means pick the lower one.

An Anubisath Idol with a 1 2 1 moveset is using Crush, Stoneskin and Deflection. Your pet will have an experience bar, and a level from 1 to 25. Your pet gets experience if it participates in a pet battle and survives- if it dies in the fight, it doesn ot get any XP. You can also get Ultimate Battle-training stones in game to instantly boost a pet to level 25. More on that in a bit. Up here, you can see what type your pet is.

Your type gives you access to a racial passive, and a defensive resistance and vulnerability. X pets take more damage from Y moves, but less from Z moves. This handy graphic from Warcraftpets shows the offensive and defensive type matchups. On the offense side you can see that magic does more damage to flying, flying does more to aquatic, aquatic does more to elemental, etc.

On the defensive side, Beast is resistant to Humanoid damage, Humanoids take less from Critters, and so on. It’s something thatyou’ll memorize eventually but until then I’d just save the graphic somewhere handy and refer back to it. I had a printout taped to my monitor at one point. Something to keep in mind with typing is that a pet will have a type, but moves also have their own types.

They often but don’t always match. Your pet’s type determines what you have a defensive advantage against, but it’s the move type that determines whether you’re dealing strong damage. Being a water pet against an Elemental won’t help if you don’t have any aquatic moves. Pets with multiple types of damage can be useful because they can counter a wider range of pet types. Some pets are also double counters, whey’re they’re resistant to a type and have moves that deal strong damage to that same type. An example is the Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling, who takes less damage from Magic moves with his Mech type and his Dragon-type Breath move does strong damage to them.

He’s very useful when fighting magical enemies. Alright, enough with the theory, time for some practice! Look for a wild pet near you.

Open your Tracking options on your map, make sure that you’re tracking battle pets and look for the green paw icon. If it doesn’t have the green paw, it’s just a critter and it’s not a battle pet. Because your pets are level 1, you want to fight a similir leveled pet. There should be plenty in Elwynn Forest or Durotar.

Mousing over the zones on your map will show you the levels of wild pets in that zone. Right click the pet to start the battle. If it gives you an ‘area obstructed’ error try moving around to different spots and see if that works. Sometimes they’re impossible, especially underwater, but usually you can find the right spot to stand.

In your chat log, you can open a window that has Pet Battle Combat if you’d like a combat log. Click ona move to use it. Strong and weak moves against your opponent are marked with green and red arrows. The pet with more speed usually goes first, which is a huge advantage. Some moves will have a cooldown measured in rounds, while others can be used every round.

You can pass the round to do nothing here, which I don’t recommend unless you are stunned or have no moves available. With three pets on your team, you can use Switch to swap your active pet to a different one, which uses a turn. Forfeit will give up and exit the battle, and your Trap will attempt to capture a wild pet, which we’ll come back to later. Hit them until they have no health points, hopefully before they do the same to you. If you win, any pets that participated and survived will get experience.

To unlock all three battle slots, you need to level a pet up to level 5. After your pets have taken damage, you want to heal them up for the next fight. There are three main ways to do that. First is Revive Pets, which is a spell in your Pet Journal with an 8 minute cooldown. It’ll be on a short cooldown after you first log in, so you can’t just character swap for free heals. Pet Bandages can also heal your pets.

Those are a consumable BOA item that you’ll get from bags and quests as you do pet battles. Third are Stable Master NPCS, which you can track on your map. For a few silver, they’ll restore your pets. It’s handy to know where these are if you’re grinding wild pet battles. You’ll also heal a bit when you win a battle and some moves like Devour will heal your pet while battling, which can help. Next, let’s talk about leveling your first pets.

You can get from level 1-3 pretty quickly just by battling wild pets around Elwynn Forest or Durotar. That’ll unlock your second slot. At level 3, you can fight your first tamer. Go see Julia Stevens here in Elwynn Forest, or Zunta over here in Durotar. In a tamer battle you obviously cannot capture pets because we’re not team Rocket over here, and tamer battles calso give more experience.

Most low level tamers have daily quests, letting you fight them again every day. You can track Pet Tamers on your map to see where they are, and you’ll find their pet levels match the pet levels of that zone. After Durotar or Elwynn tamer, you should be fine to take on Old Macdonald in Westfall or Dagra in the Northern Barrens. When your pet reaches level 5, you’ll unlock your third slot and now you’re in business. With three pets you can fight against BfA pet battle world quest tamers, and they’ll scale down to your level. Do these as often as you can, and just try to type match with whatever you have.

You won’t get much experience from them, but you will occasionally get Polished Pet Charms which is what we want. When world quests offering those come up, do them on as many 120 characters as you have. Crysa in the Northern Barrens and Environeer Bert outside the Gnomeragan entrance will also scale their teams to your level, and can be beaten once per day. A rare pet can drop from each of their bags, so they’re worth doing if you’re in the neighbourhood.

If you get to 60 Polished Pet Charms before any of your pets reach level 25, which is likely, you can buy an Ultimate Battle Training Stone from vendors here and here in BfA. Use that on a pet to boost it to 25. Once you have at least one level 25 pet, you can purchase additional 25s from the Auction House if you’d like to speed up your collection. You could level your first pets the old fashioned way of grinding against wild pets and working your way through all the tamers, but it’s much much faster to save up and buy a few stones. Now that you have a few max level pets, you can catch up much more quickly. You can ‘2 pet’ tamers by including a low level pet in the fight and keeping it alive, then winning to get large amounts of experience.

This is effective on many tamers in the game, and you can level pets quickly by two-petting tamers from Pandaria and Draenor every day. It’s even faster during the pet bonus event, so keep an eye on the calendar. Next, Getting More Pets. There are over 1000 different pets to collect in WoW, with more being added every patch.

Wild Petscan only be captured from wild pet battles. They can come in a variety of qualities including Rare, and often several breeds which can affect their stats. They cannot be caged and you can catch any wild pet that you can fight. They are captured at the quality you fight them with, so looking for blue pets to capture is a good idea so you don’t have to upgrade them later. When the pet is under a third health but still alive, you can use the Cage to attempt to catch it. This uses your turn.

If the trap fails, the pet will get to hit you again. Every time you retry your chance gets better. After it’s successfully caged, you need to win the rest of the fight to get the pet.

You can only capture one pet from each encounter. Do be careful not to kill it! Some pets are extra useful for capturing wild pets. Grumpy has a move called SuperBark, which cannot reduce a pet below 1 health. If you use Howl and then Superbark, almost any pet will be ready for capture. You can get more pets from vendors as well as drops, achievements, the cash shop, and more.

Buying caged pets off the Auction House is a quick and expensive way to bulk out your collection. Before you buy Always look up where it comes from to make sure it wouldn’t be easier to go get one yourself. A question you might have right about now is Which Pets to Level First? Here’s 7 good ones to start with. The Iron Starlette. You can find these fairly cheap on the Auction House, or complete the Warlords of Draenor intro quests in the Blasted Lands to get a new one.

By using Wind-Up, Supercharge, Wind-Up you’ll demolish many, many pets. This guy is the key to most BfA World Quests, especially ones against a single boss pet. Stormborne Whelpling. You can use Arcane Storm- Mana Surge for a huge damage combo that will wipe out flying pets, and most everything else too. When it comes off cooldown, use Arcane Storm again for another damage hit even larger than the first.

This is often cheap on the Auction House or drops from the Stormwing Matriarch in Stormheim. A Power breed Nexus Whelpling is a better version of the same thing but that’s a tricky to find wild pet with limited spawns around Coldarra in Northrend. The Anubisath Idol. When you need to be defensive, this is it.

Stoneskin or Sandstorm will make you immune to most swarms, and Deflection lets you completely avoid big bursts of damage. While you hit them with Crush, you’ll heal up with your Humanoid Racial so this guy is a tanky legend. These are often medium cheap on the Auction House or can drop off of Twin Emperors in Ahn’Qiraj. The Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling.

You’ll need to upgrade and level this Engineering crafted pet, but holy heck is he worth it. If you’re fighting any kind of magic pet, he’ll demolish them with breath, avoid dangerous attacks with decoy and has a defensive advantage against magic attacks. This one never stops coming in handy, and pops up often in Draenor two-pet strats. Next is Ikky, for Black Claw and Flock. If you need flying damage this will pretty much do it.

It does so much damage that even a crab with a shell shield up gets wrecked. These are cheap on the Auction House or available from an easy Spires of Arak quest. The Zandalari Kneebiter or Anklerender, for their Black Claw, Hunting Party combo. It’s the same thing as Ikky, but with beast damage.

These guys are affordable on the AH or drop from dinomancers on the isle of giants in pandaria. Look for a power breed if you can, but they’ll all get the job done. 7th, I recommend Grumpy for capturing wild pets. Howl followed by Super Bark will get your target of choice quickly and safely within capturing range. These guys are cute, sell for cheap or can be looted from this house in Val’sharah.

Next, let’s talk about some pet battle addons. A few mods will give you access to more information and take some of the friction out of your pet battling process. First, I like PetJournalEnhanced. It adds more info and filters to your pet journal without completely changing it’s look from default. You can filter by pet type and by ability type which is handy if you’re looking for counters.

Could the next Formula 1 superstar come from Esports?

Making it onto a real Formula 1 grid alongside the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel usually involves years of moving through the ranks, and costs millions of dollars to do so. But now, could there be a new, cost-effective way of making it into the sport? While the exact figure may vary from driver to driver, it’s estimated if you were to self-fund your way to the top, you’ll need: The money really starts to ramp up with two years in Formula 3, and that’s before you probably need another two years in GP2.

All in all, there’s around $8 million dollars of driver investment. And even then, there’s no guarantee of getting picked up by a Formula 1 team. Compare that to the roughly $1,000 needed for a console and accessories to hone your driving skills. But does that mean you can really make it from the console to the cockpit? I think it’s good that it’s becoming much bigger and providing more opportunities and best casino bonuses because I think the more people you can have go into racing, the tougher it’s going to get, the more exciting it’s going to get.

Norris will be driving in Formula 1 for McLaren from 2019. And he’s also an avid gamer. However, he’s put the brakes on any idea that sim racing provides shortcuts to a real-world driving seat. The experience of crashing a car and it being costly, you know, you can’t just hit a reset button and go again. But at the same time, the physical side of things which you don’t feel so much on a sim.

You don’t have the G-forces, you don’t feel it on your neck, your body, your arms and legs. Here at McLaren, I think they’re good at preparing drivers in those other areas, but it’s still a very difficult jump. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t still intense competition, and big money up for grabs, for competitive gamers. Here at the Formula 1 Esports Pro Series, 18 of the world’s best drivers are competing for a $200,000 dollar prize pot and of course the title of Formula one esports Series champion. This arena in West London may play host to the event, but state-of-the-art simulators like this mean that drivers can be easily transported to famous circuits of Singapore and Silverstone. Nine of the top F1 teams, with the exception of Ferrari, have been competing as part of a 10-round format, now in its second year.

With driver and constructors titles awarded and a prize pool of $200,000 dollars. Winning here is about more than just a race to the chequered flag. And for many of the drivers, it’s a way they hope will show they can do it for real. Esports is a second chance for a lot of people because, as you’ve just mentioned people did do karting as a kid, often ran out of money, so they’ve gone to esports because it’s a low-budget alternative where the racing is actually more intense and closer than real life. My ultimate goal is to get to be the first Formula 1 driver that’s come from F1 esports, but yeah, I think it’s definitely doable.

Formula 1’s former boss Bernie Ecclestone didn’t really see the benefit in engaging with younger fans. Famously saying in 2014, “Young kids will see the Rolex brand, but are they going to go out and buy one?” But now, esports is just one way that Formula 1 is accelerating interest for a new generation of fans. The difficulty or one of the challenges with Formula 1 is that it’s not necessarily the most accessible sport. You couldn’t just jump into an F1 car. But the beauty about esports is that actually it bridges that gap, it gives an opportunity to kids who love racing, to experience racing in a way that is accessible and also in a way that’s very transferable.

More than 70,000 race-loving gamers entered the qualifying process for this season, creating more than three million views on social media during its first live event. So Formula One may not have been the first sport to enter the e-gaming arena, but events like this show that it’s certainly back on the pace. Hi guys, Adam here.