Playing With Shuffling Machine

If they offered you a surrender option and most importantly, you wan na look at the payoffs for a blackjack, you want to make sure that if you were to get a blackjack that you’d get paid 3-2 and not 6-5 or even money, So it’s this mix of Rules which is going to determine the house edge against the player. Another thing that players ask me are which blackjack games should they avoid? I think the first thing you you definitely need to avoid is any blackjack game that pays 6-5 for blackjack and normally you’ll see a 6-5 blackjack payoff on single deck games.

The come-on is, of course, the fact that the casinos offering a single deck game, which is usually a better game for a player when they throw in the 6-5 odds. It makes a good game into a very poor game. Another kind of blackjack game that you should avoid are the ones that use a continuous shuffling machine. You’Ll know that the automatic shuffler is a continuous, shuffling machine. When you simply watch what the dealer does with the discards In a normal game of blackjack, the dealer will take the discards and put them in a discard tray, but with a continuous shuffler after every round is done, the dealer will take the discards and she will Place them back into the continuous shuffling machine and normally these machines hold from four to five decks of cards.

So when you think about it, when you’re playing with a continuous shuffling machine, the cards are going around and around from the table back into the machine. And then they come back out again and it just keeps cycling and when you’re playing with a CSM there’s. Never a pause in the action because the dealer doesn’t have to do any shuffling doesn’t have to change out. Shoes doesn’t have to change out cards, so what that does is it exposes your bankroll to the house edge 20 percent more per hour and therefore a player’s theoretical hourly loss is going to increase by 20 percent. Everybody asks me: what’s the biggest mistake that blackjack players make, I think the number one mistake is they either do not use the basic playing strategy, but instead use some kind of a faulty playing strategy and by faulty there are all different types and kinds, probably the Most common is a lot of players like to follow the strategy of the dealer, where they would always hit if they have 16 or less and stand on 17 or more just like the dealer does and that’s a strategy. That’S gon na doom, you to lose.

So you want to use the right strategy, which is the basic playing strategy. The second biggest mistake that players make. Is they use a progressive betting system, believing that that’s going to be the key to unlock the vault so to speak?