Progressive Betting Systems

Unfortunately, progressive betting systems do not work, there’s, never any correlation that says if you lose or win the previous hand, that’s gon na increase or decrease your odds of winning the next hand in blackjack, so progressive betting systems. Don’T work, it’s not going to change the odds. A lot of players asked me about card counting and specifically, what is it because there’s a misconception that if you’re a card counter you’re gon na memorize every card, that’s played and that’s not how card counting works Card counting is simply watching the cards on the table.

So that by seeing these cards, you’ll have some information as to what the mix of cards are in the un played cards sitting in the shoes that are gon na come out in the next round and I’ll give a simple example: let’s take a look at a Single deck game, you sit at a table and a dealer shuffles the cards cards come out on the first round, you’re an observant, blackjack player. So you look at the cards and you see that there are four aces on the layout. Maybe you have an ace two.

Other players have second and third ace. So maybe the dealer has the fourth ace. Now the dealer picks up.

Those cards puts them in the discard tray and now she’s ready to deal the second round. What are your chances of getting a blackjack on the second round? Well, your chance is 0 because you were an observant player.

You saw that all four aces were removed. Therefore, you have the knowledge from what you saw that they’re not going to be any blackjacks on the next round, So if you’re, smart bettor in that game, you’re not going to make a very large bet in that second round Now card counting is not illegal. The last time I looked using your brain when you play blackjack is certainly not an illegal activity, and that’s all you do when you card count. You’Re using your brain Now, there’s a misconception that a lot of players mistakenly believe that, in order to be a card counter they’re going to have to study for months and months and be like the MIT guys that a lot of players saw in the movie 21. That’S certainly not the case.

Anybody with average intelligence can learn card counting. Now some card counting systems do take a little bit more time to learn, but there are simple ones like speedcount, which can be learned in less than half an hour by the average person. Besides playing blackjack in casinos, there’s also another option and that’s to play tournament.

Blackjack Tournament. Blackjack is a little bit different than playing blackjack at a table because, when you’re playing in a tournament, you’re not only playing against the dealer but you’re competing against other players and the way tournaments work is quite simple. You have a table of say six or seven players.